M.Tech (Alternate Hydro Energy Systems)


AHEC has, since its inception, been imparting training to in-service persons through short-term training courses in the field of small hydro and other renewable energy sources. AHEC also offers two Pool elective subjects to UG engineering students. AHEC also offers Ph.D. Programme in the field of renewable energy and two Ph.D. degrees have so far been awarded in AHEC and seven Ph.D. thesis are in progress.

The course is designed to impart long term training in all aspects of  "Alternate Hydro Energy Systems" to in-service engineers holding recognised degrees (with atleast 60% marks) in Civil / Electrical / Mechanical, Industrial / Chemical / Electronic / Computer / Agricultural/Environmental Engineering with at least two years job experience. Study tours to the projects under construction form the important and integral part of the curriculum and the students are required to prepare a comprehensive report on the basis of given data for a project.

The selected candidate will be admitted to four semesters M.Tech. programme subject to rules and regulations of the Institute in force. In the 3rd and 4th  semester the project work and dissertation work will be carried out by the students. There will be mid-term evaluation of dissertation work for evaluating the progress of the work.

Prospectus for M.Tech (AHES) (uploaded on Feb 2017)


Placement Brochure of AHES 2018-19


Teaching Scheme

    AH-511: Small Hydro Power Planning and Management
    AH-512: Design of SHP Structures
    AH-513: Renewable Energy Resources Development Technology
    AH-514: Hydro Electric Equipment
    AH-516: Hydro mechanical Equipment
Programme Elective Courses
    AH-517A: Modeling, Simulation & Computer Applications
    AH-518: Environmental Planning and Management
    AH-522: Wind Energy Application Technology
    AH-526: Instrumentation for Small Hydro Power Station
    AH-528: Rural Electrical Energy System Planning and Design
    AH-530: Remote Sensing and GIS for SHP Planning
    AH-534: Construction Planning and Management 
    AH-536: Biomass Production and Utilization
    AH-538: Operation and Maintenance of Small Hydro Plants
    AH-540: Solar Photo-Voltaic Design and Application
    AH-542: Energy Conservation and Management 
    AH-548: Simulation of Small Hydropower Plants
    AH-580: Climate Change and Water Bodies

Seminar (AH-700)

Project and Site Visits (AH-602)

Dissertation (AH-701A & AH-701B)