Centre of excellence in Urban Design and Development is a synergetic concept which is expected to leverage the individual strengths of the multi-faceted players it encompasses. The centre is expected to create an interdisciplinary platform where academia, industry, professionals, civic bodies and other stakeholders would participate in creating knowledge-based solutions to real world pressing urban problems. One of the prime aims of the centre would be to engage in translational research leading to development of region specific solutions to urban problems, development of state-of-art knowledge modules to be disseminated to the civic bodies and other stakeholders and to engage in defining the emerging paradigms of Indian urban development. Focus of the centre is to adopt a pragmatic approach in designing urban places and environments.
In this increasingly urbanizing India, urban design and planning synthesise ideas, theories, practice and reality in shaping the physical and social setting for life in Indian cities. With its interdisciplinary, and creative spatial problem solving aptitude, urban design and planning unfolds a dynamic process which can only be tested with time. It is a policy and practice based subject which benefits from structured academic study with live design projects, extensive theoretical understanding to inculcate an informed approach towards sustainable urban development.
In congruence with its mandate of the centre; it will assuredly deliberate over the traditional topics on urban design, planning and development relevant to the country’s need. Going into the future and keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technological evolution and emerging network of global creativity and knowledge; the centre would also buoy up itself to be the leading urban knowledge and expertise repository in India. The centre would also enhance its intellect from national to global, and from spatial domain of urban design and planning to policy domain and contribute in developing emerging policy discourse of the country.
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