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Prof. Aalok Misra

Associate DOSW (Student Wellness)
Email:   aalokfph@iitr.ac.in
Phone:  +91-1332-285404
Mobile:  +91-9897037303


Dr. Shikha Jain                                                                                        

Institute Student Counsellor
Email:  shikha.aad@iitr.ac.in

Phone office: 4372

Mobile:  9927954712


Mr. Ashfak Ahamed PC

Institute Student Counsellor  

Email:  ashfakaad@iitr.ac.in

Mobile: 7760100140


Mr. Mohit Chandra

Institute Student Counsellor 

Email: mohit.aad2019@iitr.ac.in 

Mobile: 8126759191


Dr. Parul Balyan                                                                                

Part Time:  Student Counsellor
Email:   prlbaliyan@gmail.com

Mobile: 9536609555


Office Address & Contact Details.

Hobbies Club, Near Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,

Phone: 01332-284372

Email: wellnessappointment@iitr.ac.in



Monday- Saturday

09:00 am - 01:00 pm

02:00 pm -  08:00 pm
Emergency:  any time


Weekly your dost counselling schedule


e counselling services:

Your Dost

for registration: www.yourdost.com

Help line number: 9513786177


Note: 1) Please take prior appointment via email at the given email id or via phone call on Counsellor phone                      number. Appointment is not mandatory but will help you save your time.

           2) In the event of resonable problems, the counsellor can also visit the counselee in his/her bhawan.

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