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Students' Peer Mentoring Workshop and 

Faculty Sensitization Programme


The Wellness Centre organised Student Peer Mentoring Session-2019 on 4th November and Faculty Sensitization Session-2019 on 5th November. The session was facilitated by Prof Santosh Kumar Chaturvedi, Head, Mental Health Education, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore.

Students volunteers of Team Wellness, Academic Reinforcement Program, Student Mentoring Program, Assistant Wardens and Faculty Members of IITR have participated in this session. Also, they actively took part in the Q&A session with the speaker.

Prof Aalok Misra, Associate Dean of Students’ Welfare (Student Wellness) and Prof Manoranjan Parida, Deputy Director, IIT Roorkee felicitated the resource person.


Speaker: Prof Santosh Kumar Chaturvedi

Date: 4th & 5th November 2019

Venue: MAC Auditorium 


Examination stress


Right before midterm examination, we organized a small session about how to relieve stress during examis with a strong tagline “Let's Beat the stress before the stress beats us !” 



Speaker: Ms. Himani Kulkarni

Date: 18th February 2019

Venue: LHC




Peer counseling workshop


Owing to the interest shown by the students in the previously conducted session,  it was re-conducted on 26th January 2019 and witnessed quite a good number of participants.



Date: 26th January 2019

Venue: Biotech Auditorium





Kalamkari-The Writing Challenge


Winters, Christmas week and New year; All these make the last week of December so exciting. So we thought, why not play our part? Wellness Centre, along with Kshitij, organized Kalamkari- A writing challenge that expected the participants to submit a poem or prose on certain prompts. 




Type: Online challenge

Period:  December





Open Mic


Most of us thrive to express ourselves but fail to do so for the lack of a suitable platform. IIT Roorkee has been providing one such platform to us in the form of the open mic culture. Following that, we organised an event along similar lines where in anyone could come and express themselves, whatever the medium be; stories, poems, jokes, mimicary; basically anything.



Date: 3rd November 2018

Venue: Mac Audi



Peer counseling workshop


Most of us wish to help those around us but are unable to identify the correct ways of approaching people and being there for those in need .For this, Wellness Centre, along with  professionals from, organized a peer counselling workshop in order to give us some insight into how to provide mental first aid.




Date: 13th october 2018 - 14th october 2018

Venue: LHC





Mental Health Awareness amongst youth


We organised an event wherein our institute psychiatrist, Dr. Jitendra Singh, delivered a talk on the differences between the psyche of males and females, the issues that they may face and the coping mechanisms. 




Speaker: Dr. Jitendra Singh.(psychiatrist)

Date: 12th October 2018

Venue: LHC





Daydreams: Let 'em flow



Wellness centre IIT Roorkee organized A Drawing and painting competition in collaboration with Fine Arts Section IIT Roorkee with an invigorating theme "Daydreams- let 'em flow".

The event witnessed a huge participation from both UG and PG students. We received some incredibly beautiful entries from participants, in accordance with the theme. People poured their hearts out on blank sheets of paper and the results were some magical drawings and paintings.



Date: 8th August 2018

Venue: LHC





Veni, Vidi, Aage Dekho kya!


“Everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle.” -- Criss Jami 


Wellness center IIT Roorkee organized an online essay writing competition for all first yearites with the theme of 'Veni, Vidi, Aage Dekho kya !' which literally translates to 'I came, I saw, let's see what happens next'.


We received some beautifully written entries of essays based on this theme.
Essays were a vivid description of people's experiences as they got through their first week at IITR. It included all of it: the registration process; the orientation program; first encounter with the people, the system, the culture of this place; the fears, the uncertainties, what they found good about the whole process and what could have made the adjustment a bit easier and the transition a bit smoother. 


The competition managed to reach a huge number of first yearites and was received very well. 






Role of mental and emotional support during tough times in daily/entrepreneur life



"Its not about failure, Its about how you fight with failure and challenges in life" - Varun Sheth, Co-Founder Ketto at E-Summit IIT Roorkee, conducted by EDC IITR in association with Counselling Cell IIT Roorkee.

Varun shared his journey from childhood, where he used to stay in last few ranks in every class, a failed attempt at raising fund for his higher studies, professional life and finally co-founding Ketto with ideation, during a trekking, where he was finding the meaning of this life and how to face challenges.




Speaker: Mr. Varun Sheth (Ketto Founder & CEO)

Date: 10th March 2018

Venue: LHC




Mindfulness Meditation


“If you truly want to change your life you must first change your mind.”
Counselling cell, IIT Roorkee is glad to have hosted Dr. Suresh Kiran the last evening. Dr. Kiran enlightened us on the idea of mindfulness and gave us tips on how we can achieve the same. He also introduced us to the basic techniques of meditation and concluded by focussing on why both of these things hold a prime importance in our lives.
The aim of this workshop was to decrease stress and psychological distress among adults/students. Through this workshop they can enhance mental health and functioning and increase their emotion regulation and self-control.The talk proved to be a successful one, engaging students from all programmes and age groups alongwith some faculty members.




Speaker: Dr. Suresh Kiran (General Practitioner)

Date: 7th Feb 2018

Venue: Bose Auditorium







Career Motivation



Counselling Cell IIT Roorkee is very pleased to have hosted Ms Apoorva Sharma. Her talk was focused on how to get a better control over our lives and maximising the productivity of our everyday life. We hope that all the attendees took something meaningful out of this talk, which could help them achieve what they believe they should achieve.





Speaker: Ms Apoorva Sharma.

Date: 31st  January 2018

Venue: LHC




Be A Warrior Not A Worrier



We had our Stall in ABN ground,  we were able to interact with 200+ enthusiastic students from different institutions. We organized several fun and interesting activities to promote the message of being a superhero in our daily lives. The activities were quite appreciated by the students, they were surprised and enjoyed them a lot. We are all set for a great day tomorrow and all are welcome.



Date: 27 October - 30 October 2017

Venue: ABN Ground







Counselling Cell IIT Roorkee Organised a keynote session with Mr. Hitesh Ramchandani who was born with a neuro-condition called, ‘Cerebral Palsy’ that affects muscles, movement, and motor skills. It was caused by medical negligence. The doctors claimed that he would never be able to walk or talk and would never live a normal life. He wanted to prove naysayers wrong and fought hard against the obstacles life had thrown at him! Today, Hitesh is a National Football Para-Athlete, motivational speaker and author of the book- Better Than Normal.

Mr Hitesh Ramchandani was then on a mission which he states as follows, “My dream is to inspire 100,000 People in 100 days by just 1% to live a Better Than Normal Life!”

The event was organised in MAC Auditorium and saw a participation of 100+ students.



Speaker: Hitesh Ramchandani

Date: 30 August 2017

Venue: LHC 002







Expressive communication is a vital skill in the modern world.The indispensable art of speaking flawlessly is expected, encouraged and rewarded in all walks of life. Also the fact that this workshop can be a valuable addition to students’ preparations for the internship and placement interviews, academic and professional presentations and public speaking in general, Counselling Cell IIT Roorkee conducted a small speech therapy session for students to help them overcome the fear of speech and deal with problems like stammering, stuttering etc. We at counselling cell IIT Roorkee strongly believe that one must be facing his fears instead of running away from them and we encourage each and everyone to do so! We are very fortunate to have a speech therapist in our campus. We strongly recommend everyone in need to visit Dr Sunali Dhawan at the IITR hospital and seek any speech related help if needed.

The event was organised in LHC and certificates were provided to the participants.


Speaker: Sunali Dhawan

Date: 8th February 2017

Venue: LHC 002









Following the proposal from MHRD, the DOSW asked the Counselling Cell to organise an event related to Anti-Ragging during Cognizance 2017. Thus, Counselling Cell in collaboration with Cognizance organised a Guest Lecture on “Anti-Ragging” by Gaurav Singhal, alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Vice-President at Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE) and the RTI Cell Head. Gaurav has also helped numerous ragging victims that report ragging incidents to SAVE, finally getting F.I.R.s registered against the culprits in many cases. He joined the Anti-Ragging NGO SAVE perturbed with the murder of a medical student in the name of ragging in year 2009.

The event was organised in LHC at IIT ROORKEE and saw a participation of 60+ students comprising IIT Roorkee students as well as visiting participants in cognizance. Participation certificates were also provided by the DOSW to the students.


Speaker: Dr Gaurav Shinghal

Date: 26 March 2017

Venue: LHC 002








Here comes the Guest talk by the person that we all are very proud of- Mr Sachin Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of hackerearth, a startup technology company based in Bangalore, India that provides recruitment solutions.

Facing the college life may sometimes not be easy. Sometimes it needs guts to face challenges and capitalise on the small happy moments that one gets in the way. Just to help our friends out and give them some comprehensive tips for the same, Counselling Cell IITR organised a Guest Talk by the IITR alumnus and CEO and Co-founder of hackerearth Mr. Sachin Gupta.

Mr Sachin Gupta gave a lot of useful tips to succeed in getting the best out of the 4 years at IITR. He focussed on what it takes to make your dreams/visions a reality. Here’s a small excerpt from his talk : “Your college life is beautiful. You’ve got friends, you’ve got a place where you can sleep at anytime you want and a campus which exposes you to so many things. Make the best use of the time you have and put your heart and soul into it. Please work hard. Vivek and I used to spend 14 hours a day on coding. I see a lot of entrepreneurs who want to be at the top without going through the grind work. You can never reach the top without working hard.”


Speaker: Mr Sachin Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of hackerearth

Date: 20 Jan 2017

Venue: LHC 002








-11th September, 2015 at MAC AUDITORIUM.  



An energetic and mind-refreshing workshop was organized by notable motivational speaker Mr. Vivek Bindra via Counselling Cell, IIT Roorkee which was attended by a huge number of students. Dean of Student Welfare, Mr. D.K. Nauriyal himself attended the entire event and participated actively.Nation-wide renowned motivational speaker Mr.Vivek Bindra was invited to conduct the workshop. His sheer presence filled the atmosphere with energy and positivity.

He highlighted the major issues faced by the students in the institute and gave intutive ways to solve them. He suggested everyone to read Gita and gave numerous learning points from the same. He made the workshop very interactive by inviting people on the stage on regular intervals of time . He gave several tips to manage and cope up with various problems like stress, tension, drugs, etc.



There was also a Q&A session in which students were allowed to ask any questions and queries to Mr. Vivek Bindra, which he answered very satisfactorily.This event saw active participation of each and every person in the MAC Auditorium. As an event, this workshop saw the highest number of participation from students. The event concluded with smiles on everyones' faces.








-21st March, 2015 at LHC 002.  



An interactive workshop on awareness against drug abuse was held by the Counselling Cell in collaboration with the Narcotics Control Bureau Uttarakhand.

The workshop's primary goal was to educate and to provide a much needed awareness to the young minds about the dangers and the social implications that are brought about the drugs.

The workshop was attended by a large number of students of the institute,its Saharanpur campus and the teachers of Army Public School(APS 1).The workshop was headed by Mr.R.K Rana,Superintendent NCB Uttarakhand. The DOSW Mr. D.K. Nauriyal and ADOSW Mr. Inderdeep Singh were also present.The session started with an introductory talk by the student councillor Mrs. Shikha Jain. The talk was continued by Mr. R.K. Rana.




1. Basic facts about drugs.

2. Symptoms of drug abuse.

3. How drug abuse affect the society.

4. Myths and realities.

5. Costs of drug abuse.

6. What can we do.

7. Role of NCB



The workshop was well received by the participants and it is hoped that they have been properly equipped with the correct tools to combat the issue of drug abuse.






Promoting Connectedness To Prevent Suicides.


Since its establishment, the Counselling Cell has always been a prime force behind the organisation of many motivating lectures, workshops and events in the campus .This time also, it wasn`t anything different. On the eve of WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY, IIT-R students were blessed with the golden words of one of the most prolific speakers, MR. RAMNIK BANSAL, member of The Art of Living Organisation.The session was headed by DOSW Dr. D.K. Nauriyal along with faculty advisors Dr. Pramod Agarwal and Dr.Sudhi Agarwal,Dr.Ravi Bhushan with his wife,Assistant librarian Mr. Amrendra Kumar with his wife,Dr. Ravi Jain with his wife Dr. Renu Jain,Dr.Sudhir Chaudhary with his wife and students' counsellor Dr. Shikha Jain.They were further accompanied by Counselling Cell student team members.



                        Mr. Ramnik Bansal



In his career, Mr. Ramnik Bansal has conducted many motivational lectures in many programs and has earned many laurels and praises for his works. This time, the topic of discussion was to how to prevent the ongoing suicide activities around us.The session started with the question that why people commit suicide . As per him, the biggest reason is their inability to share their problems with others. During complete session, he laid emphasis on the importance to express ourselves.Every time logic doesn`t work. Sometimes, we have to go little bit out of track to enjoy the life. We try to explain everything in terms of logic and when that doesn`t work, we get pressurized.”


He kept everyone so much involved in his words that there was a sense of satisfaction and an aroma of purification of mind in the environment. He advised that there needs to be a balance between the logic and emotions in our life.Whenever there is something lost, there is much better to come.The only requirement is that we must see the change with positive insight. Students interacting with him realised that we need to accept the things as they are if we are to cope up with stress. Many of the students doubts were settled with a sense of doing good to others.




The session ended with a simple but unique message that we should learn to open up.

The life is a precious gift of God.Respect and enjoy it to the fullest.There are many opportunities waiting for us.
It just requires time and clear vision to see them. When we start taking things in positive sense, then life becomes full of colours and happiness. Never forget: “When there is a will, there is a way.” 





Science of Joyful Living

- Saturday , April 5, 2014 at LHC.

- Sunday, April 6, 2014 at Yoga Bhawan.

A two day workshop was organnized by Counseling Cell, IIT Roorkee on Science of Joyful Living, on Saturday, 5th April 2014 at LHC and Sunday, 6th April at Yoga Bhawan. This event conducted by most prominent personality of HIHT. They are :-
Dr. Vijay Dhasmana, Vice-Chancellor, Swami Rama Himalayan University and Presidential Body Member, Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust
Dr. Vijender Chauhan,Vice-Chancellor, HIHT University and Presidential Body Member, Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust
Dr. Kathy McKeehan, Advisor, Himalayan College of Nursing
Dr. Prakash Keshaviah, Director of Nephrology and Hon. Prof. of Physiology, Member, Board of Governors of Swam Rama Himalayan University and Member, Governing Body, Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust.


The event started addressing the most basic need i.e. joyful living.  workshop by HIHT ,Dehradun which address how to eat and exercise right for a healthy body, how to understand the mind and thinking process, how to creatively use emotions and how to go beyond body, breath and mind to the centre of consciousness where dwells peace and joy. Various faculties of HIHT address each of the topic i.e. creative use of emotions, stress managemnet, science of breath, diet, exercise and mystert and mastery of mind one by one. Its was followed by a very interactive Q&A session where people asked various questions whihc faculties addressed to. People were taught how to eat and how to enjoy what you are eating by making everybosy eat a grape with them. It was a very informational and life changing session.



Second day, was more about how to get the power to inculcate what all was discussed previous day by various aasanas. People formed groups to come up with the two major issues that brings stress in their lives whihc was followed by faculties giving solution to address to all the issues. The Cell remains committed to its goal in helping the students overcome the various obstacles they face during their stay in the Campus, and make them capable to handle their personal and public problems with success in all walks of life.





Interactive Session on Addiction

- Monday, October 28, 2013 at O.P. Jain Auditorium.

An Interactive Session was organized by Counseling Cell, IIT Roorkee on Addiction on Monday, 28th October 2013 at O.P. Jain Auditorium. The Cell had invited Dr. das from Jolly grant, HOD of forensic dept. He engaged the students on various aspects of addiction. Student Counselor of the Cell, Dr Shikha Jain was also present at the session and gave some insightful thought on a few part on the issue. The event started at around 6:30 p.m. and continued for about one hour and thirty minutes to around 8:00 p.m .



The event started addressing the most basic question i.e. what is addiction, where Dr das threw light upon its meaning and how any act starts to take the shape of an addiction. Then Dr. das moved on to types of addiction where are discussed addiction to computer(facebook), games, food, substance, exercise etc. He also performed a live questionnaire to make the students aware about their quantity of time they spend on computer and after how much level it starts to cross the danger line. Many students were interested to know that how much is too much as indicated in case of alcohol on smoking. Dr. das over each and every type of addiction individually and then indicated the effects of these addiction on various aspects of life whether it is biological or emotional or some other. He then proposed various solution to combat addiction and how to control acts that are moving on the path of becoming an addict. He quoted the ironical statement that "When we can stop it we don't and when we want to stop it we can't". 


In the end an elaborate session of anonymous questions was conducted. Where audience asked various kinds to question like "if he drinks every fortnight is it normal for a 20 year old teenager?" or question on more personal stuff like making out and masturbation. Other question involved on much more larger spectrum like what can we do as students to save our-self, or friends and society as a whole which can be crushed in the arms of addiction. Dr. das answered all question sometimes as a friend and sometimes a doctor. All in all it was a fabulous interactive session where all contributed to solution to the problem of addiction which included audience, Dr. Shikha Ma'am and of-course Dr. Das. The Cell remains committed to its goal in helping the students overcome the various obstacles they face during their stay in the Campus, and make them capable to handle their personal and public problems with success in all walks of life.







Rediscover Yourself

A sessioin was organized by Counseling Cell, IIT Roorkee for self awareness using hypnosis on Saturday 16th March 2013. Cell has invited Dr. Pushpa Goel and Mrs. Archana Kumar who are from Delhi and conducted so many successful workshop.



 Gain insights into one's own stress.

 Recognize that stress is positive   and  voidable.

  Identify symptoms of stress overload.

 Identify how life style can contribute to       stress.

  Develop alternate choices and techniques    to manage stress.

 Experience various meditation &                     Relaxation Techniques.

 Initiate a long-term protection     against  cumulative effects of stress





  • Cause
  • Signs & Symptoms 
  • Source/Contributory Factors
  •  Effects 


This workshop is especially designed to help out people working in service sector & students to develop effective communication skills and ability to motivate people working at different levels. This is aimed at creating among participants, an active interest in meditation. In this workshop, the participants are engaged in various fun-filled meditation based activities that help them overcome negative attitudes and various other mental blocks. After attending this workshop, the participants feel very relaxed and more assured about themselves. The meditation techniques taught and practiced during the workshop make easier to defeat barriers of suppressed desires and anxiety. People who practice these meditation techniques also get to learn how to express themselves and relate better with other people. They also become more extrovert and interactive.







How to Reduce, Prevent and Cope with Stress?
-3rd November, 2012 at LHC 005.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

A session was organized by Counseling Cell, IIT Roorkee to discuss one of the foremost problems faced by the students during their studies, Stress. Stress is a multidimensional, and an extremely common problem, which is the starting point of several other medical, social, and behavioural ills. People face stress not only in their student life, but more and more in their professional lives, when they join the extremely competitive marketplace, to build their own spot.

We had Dr. Vinit Gupta, MBBS, M.D from King George’s Medical College, Lucknow, and a practicing Psychiatrist in Dehradun, and his wife Ila Gupta with us to guide us through the session. He completed his M.D. in 1990. Then he was associated with WHO and IMCR from 1990-1991 for several projects, and has been practising since then. He is a member of the IMA, and  has given approximately 200 lectures there. He has presented a paper on the psychology of crime in the National Lokayukta Conference. He is a visiting faculty of Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, Dehradun.

The session was an interactive one, and students participated fairly. Most of the queries were related to the competition one faces in studies, and the overemphasis laid on examinations and results, and how it stymies the talented at the cost of text-book learning. Some others were simply related to inferiority complex, and the tendency of students to compare their achievements with others.


Some of the sample queries put up by the people were:

  1. In our final year, full of tensions and worries about our placements, we see our year mates getting good jobs and packages. This creates a sense of fear and stress in us which is quite difficult to avoid. How to overcome this?
  2. When Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) is made the prime criteria of shortlisting at most of the interviews and other places, people with CGPA above 9 and no other extra achievements succeed while others who have excelled in many fields while maintaining their CGPA around 7 to 7.5. And this creates frustration and a sense of failure in them. What should they do in such cases?

In a nutshell, the interaction was very fruitful, and IIT Roorkee Counselling Cell thanks all the audience for turning up for the event, and hopes that the session we organised helps them lead a more balanced and happier life. The Cell remains committed to its goal in helping the students overcome the various obstacles they face during their stay in the Campus, and make them capable to handle their personal and public problems with success.




Career counseling

Career counseling Lecture  was organized by Counseling Cell, IIT Roorkee on Feb 16th, 2012 at DOMS, IIT Roorkee and was delivered by Prof.V.K. Nangia.




Medical Issues with Adolescence

- Interactive session at Saharanpur Campus
 A lecture and interactive session was organized by Counseling Cell, IIT Roorkee on Medical Issues with Adolescence at Saharanpur Campus of IIT Roorkee on Sunday, September the 23rd. The Cell had invited Dr Shalabh Jain (Psychiatrist with 20 years’ experience) and Dr (Mrs) Ritu Jain (Gynaecology and infertility issues with 15 years’ experience) from Saharanpur for the event. Student Counsellor of the Cell, Dr Shikha Jain was also present at the session. The event started at around 1130 hrs and continued for more than two hours to around 1400 hrs.

The session hit with a cozy start with Dr Shalabh Jain giving them general guidelines, speaking out about the quality of life and how to stay happy, with plentiful Bollywood jokes and dialogues thrown in-between now and then. That later gave way to an engaging interactive session. Students asked questions on many diverse topics like substance abuse, social problems, depression, stress, romantic troubles etc. Many students were interested in behavioural problems like lack of concentration, excess or non-existent religiosity, misunderstanding with fellow students, family, ego, obsession, recklessness etc. Some questions were typically sociological kind, characterising somewhat rebellious instinct to others with sheer interest in other sex. Almost everybody wanted to know how one can combat stress, depression, inferiority complex etc. The participation in combined session was overwhelming, only repeated insistence could get the ladies to go to another room for the following girls only session. The following boys-only session focussed primarily on boys medical health and sex related issues. The speaker was very willing and effective in answering all the questions, and everybody was satisfied. Many of the questions asked were:


In all, the response was tremendous. We had an audience of about 120 students and although there was only a handful of female audience, but the curiosity was unfathomably high. The session was expected to last only for an hour whereas it went for more than two. The atmosphere was completely devoid of hesitations and was relieving and soothing .The session was successful in imparting valuable knowledge about things that are not discussed in public life and about which students usually have very dangerous misconceptions. Many students expressed desire to be more actively involved in the Counselling Cell activities in future.



Medical issues among youth (Girls)

A lecture and interactive session was organized by Counseling Cell, IIT Roorkee on on Monday 13 August 2012. Dr. Chetna Tiwari hospital delivered the lecture and Dr. Shikha Jain delivered a lecture on “Psychological problems among youth” on Monday 13 August 2012



Mental Health

A lecture was planned by Counseling Cell, IIT Roorkee about the prevailing psychological problems and emotional balance amongst the students, especially those living in a highly competitive environment. In order to cater to the needs of students, to make them aware about various mental health problems and ways to avoid as well as deal such situations. It was delivered on 29th Jan 2011 by Dr. Malini Shrivastava from Himalayan Institute hospital Trust


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