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History of Library

From the very start of the institution ( i.e. 1847) a small College Library was established with a collection of a few hundred books to meet the need of about 34 students and 6 teachers. Later in 1856 its stocks were considerably augmented by the amalgamation of the Ganges Canal Library and the College Library was renamed as the Central Library. In 1862 the entire collection of the Addisocombe College Library of East India Company was added to it with the result that the collection of this library assumed considerable size and value.

In order to meet the growing needs of the institution, the strength of which had increased from 34 students in 1847 to 231 in 1873, a separate library block was constructed in the same year consisting of two big halls, one serving as stack room and the other as a reading room and two small side rooms for behind the screen jobs.

A necessity of a new library building was felt immediately after the college became the University and therefore the foundation stone for a new library building was laid on 25th November 1949 which could be occupied only in 1960.    This library underwent several renovations and design changes as per the requirement of the time.

After University became, Indian Institute of Technology in 2001, it was felt that in this building necessary expansion and information technology related provisions could not be made and therefore, a new state of art  building was planned.  The foundation stone of the present building was laid on 19th June 2004 and it was completed in June 2007.  The Central Library started functioning from the new building w.e.f. 12th July 2007.

The present building is a state of art facility building which provides the best possible environment and facilitates to the students and faculty of the institution. With its imposing dome and front elevation, it gives the look of a monumental structure.  It occupies a total area of more than 90000 sq.ft. which is completely air conditioned.  A small cafeteria, ample sunlight through dome and skylight provision, start of art cabling for internet and telephone and light, fire services, cyber room, Online Catalogue Internet, wi-fi environment are some of the main features of the new building. 

Librarians of the Central Library

Sgt J.M. Anderseley was the first full time Assistant Librarian who was appointed in 1870. Till 1939 the position remained occupied by the British before Mr. Prem Narayana Saxena was the first Indian Librarian joined. A list of Librarians of Central Library is given below.


Librarians of the Thomson Engineering College

Mr. Aldersly (Asst. Librarian)
Mr. S.B. Simons (Asst. Librarian)
Mr.C.C. Sullinam
Mr. T. H. Butler
Mr. J. H. Mee
Hony. Lt. R. Giltrap
Hony. Lt. C. Charter
Mr. H. Robey
Mr. R. H. cumming
Miss E. Linsley
Mr. R. Parkinsen
Mr. J. H. Kelly
Mr. Prem Narain Sharma
Mr. M. I. Ansari
Mr. M. M. Rafique


Librarians of the University Of Roorkee

Mr. M. I. Ansari
Mr. D. Gupta
Mr. R. S. Saxena
Mr. R. S. Rana
Mr. S. P. Singh
Mr. Yogendra Singh


Librarians of the Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee

2001 onwards    

Mr. Yogendra Singh