Indian Institute Of Technology Roorkee
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The Archives contain more than 9,000 rare and  out of print documents published during 18th , 19th and early 20th century. The archival collection has been organized into following three sections:

Thomason College Publications

This section includes all the books published by the College between the years 1847-1947. The copiously produced college calendars, the world famous Roorkee Treaties, Roorkee Manuals, some class notes in manuscript form by the eminent teachers of the College are important documents in this section.

The Ganges Canal Collection:

It is another important collection of all works concerning the design and construction of the Ganges Canal which is said to be the mother of the Thomason College.

Proby T. Cautley Collection:

It contains classical works by Col. Sir Cautley on the Design and construction of the Canal such as 'Report on the Ganges Canal Works: From the commencement until the its Opening in 1854'. This report is in three volumes. Notes and Memoranda on the Eastern Jamuna or Doab Canal, on the water courses in Dehradun, sketches of the Doab Canal and 'Ganga Canal: Disquisition on the Heads of the Ganges and Jamuna Canal' are other import documents in this section.