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The Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) Centre at the Institute, started in 1970 - 71, has been endeavoring to improve the quality of technical education among engineering faculty in the country since its inception. It has been making efforts to upgrade the teaching curricula and enhance the knowledge of teachers of various engineering colleges / institutions. 

OBJECTIVES: The centre is involved in its activities through following modules:

  •      Admission for Degree Programme (M.Tech. and Ph.D.)
  •      Running One Week Short Term Courses
  •      Organizing C.D. Cell Activities

This Centre has been assisting many institutions across the country by publishing technical literature in the form of text books, monographs, laboratory manuals etc. and also keeping regular interaction with them for improving the standards of technical education. Various departments at IITR are regularly participating in the activities sponsored by various QIP schemes.

Till date, the Centre has helped in upgrading the qualification of about 422 teachers through Master of Technology / Engineering and about 629 teachers through Ph.D. programme from all over India. Further, it has conducted 306 Short Term Courses in which 6450 technical teachers have participated. Also the Centre has published 134 Monographs/Books, prepared 84 Multi-mode teaching aids, organised 103 Workshops/Conference/Seminars, conducted 36 Special Lectures. 


At present, there are three principal activities under QIP scheme being carried out by the QIP Centre, IIT Roorkee.

  1. Providing opportunities for faculty members of AICTE recognized degree level engineering Colleges/institutes to enhance their qualifications, i.e., Masters and Ph.D. degree programmes.
  2. Organizing Short Term Courses for faculty working in engineering institutes/colleges. 
  3. C.D. cell activities which include curriculum development (CD) as well as its revision, preparation of monographs and text books, laboratory manuals, examination reforms, undertaking of inter-institutional programmes, holding of seminars / Conference, one day / two days workshop and panel discussions, developing educational technology, preparation of resource materials and undertaking of any other activity which helps them to improve classroom teaching.

    This is the only Centre, approved by AICTE, which organizes workshop for the handicapped for enhanceing their skills.