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News and Announcements


                                            International Conference on

                Nanomaterials and Devices : Processing and Applications

                                            NADPA2008, 11-13 Dec. 2008

                                     Indian Institute of technology Roorkee, INDIA




Nanotechnology, which aims at influencing and controlling the matter at the atomic or molecular level, is poised to set off the next technological revolution. It initiates tremendous changes not only in academics, but also in industrial sectors and other related areas of application. Nanotechnology has been billed as a major economic driver of the future as it will conclusively revolutionize the way we work, communicate and live. 

                The objective of this conference is to bring together the researchers from all over the globe working in the novel area of nanomaterials and devices, to provide a platform to explain their work they are engaged in, as every performer needs a platform to exhibit one’s art and skill. This conference will enable a speaker to reveal the potential of research and the intellect with which the work has been carried out; influencing others, taking a cue from others; and in the process feeling motivated to work in a more focused manner, may be bifurcating in yet another direction.


Delegates from Various Academic Institutes and Research Organization from within the country and abroad are participating and delivering lectures in Nanomaterials & Devices: Processing & Applications 2008 (NADPA 2008)) conference. Foreign participants include delegates from countries like Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands Singapore, USA and UK. From India, delegates from academic institutes like various IITs, NITs and private Engineering colleges and Research Organisations like BARC, CSIO, DMRL, DMSRD, DRDO, IGCAR, NAL, NIIST, SSPL and VSSC are participating. Poster presentations are being organized for budding engineers and scientists, along with paper presentation on various themes to encourage them.


As an outcome of the three days conference, with two parallel sessions on themes related to materials, devices and biotechnology, we expect to enhance the mutual interactions among all researchers from all over the world to come together to exchange their novel ideas to bring about hand-in-hand development in the field of nanoscience.


Sponsors like DST, BARC, AICTE, AOA-RD-AOSR, CSIR, DRDO, FEI, BRFST, ICON, IEEE UP Section, INSA, NEESA and ISCEE are highly acknowledged. We also acknowledge IIT Roorkee for all possible support and co-operation received for organizing NADPA 2008.

The conference is being organized by Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Center for Nano Technology, IIT Roorkee.


(Dr. R. C. Agarwala)

Convenor, NADPA2008

(Dr. Vijaya Agarwala)