Activities Completed in year 2006-07, Information Superhighway Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Activities Completed in year 2006-07

Infrastructure upgradation activities in 2006-07:

Upgrade Internet Bandwidth: 34 Mbps internet leased line link from VSNL, New Delhi has been upgraded to 45 Mbps.

Wireless Internet at all UG/PG Student Hostels: Wireless Internet connectivity has been extended to each room of following Under Graduate /Graduate Hostels with 3000+ wireless nodes:

Azad Bhawan, Cautley Bhawan, Ganga Bhawan, Govind Bhawan, Jawahar Bhawan, Rajendra Bhawan, Ravindra Bhawan, Sarojani Bhawan, Kasturba Bhawan.

The wireless network covering 3500 students in Nine hostels was completed in record time of six months. Starting ftom from conception, and going through RF survey, design, purchase, installation, testing and commissioning.

The students started using it in May 2007, though it was formally inaugurated on Oct 13, 2007 after testing the functioning over a period of four months.

Wire Line Internet in all Married Students Hostels: CAT6 base Wired-line switched based connectivity has been provided in each Room of following Five Hostels, for Research Scholars: Azad Wing( 57 Rooms), M.R. Chopra Hostel(63 Rooms), G.P. Hostel(60 Rooms), K.I.H.(60 Rooms, A.N. Khosla(60 Rooms). The facility was inaugurated in Nov 2006.

State-of-the–Art Network at Saharanpur Campus: Enterprise class, switch based, star topology, Gigabit Ethernet network with data, voice and video communication capabilities had been installed in the Saharanpur Campus. It has OFC backbone and wired-line connectivity having more than 150 I/Os, facilitating all faculty members at their office and residence, connecting all Labs, Library, administrative offices, Cyber Café at student hostel. Each desktop is connected with a Gigabit LAN. The campus is connected to Roorkee campus with 2 Mbps dedicated leased line (BSNL) in a Close Group which enables Saharanpur campus to avail all Intranet/Internet facilities of Roorkee campus as local LAN. The 2 Mbps connectivity between Saharanpur and Roorkee was started on Dec 20, 2006

Multilingual Web Based E-mail service: A State-of-the-art multilingual Web Based Mail Messaging Server has been installed. It is an Enterprise class scalable and secure Java based (SUN) messaging system with Anti Spam facility. For virus free messaging, Trend Micro Anti Virus is also Installed along with it. Users can now compose messages in 11 Indian languages in addition to English.

Extended Internet/Intranet: CAT-6 Wired-line campus Internet/Intranet facilities has been extended to New VIP Guest House with 32 I/Os, New Central Library building with 150 I/Os. Also, more than 200 additional nodes have been provided in various depts. on demand basis.

Antivirus at E-mail Gateway and Desktops of Campus: Renewed the subscription of the Trend Micro IMSS (Internet Messaging Security Suite) with SPS(Spam Prevention Solution) and Trend Office Scan Corporate Edition with its upgraded versions.

Multipoint Video conferencing: Conducted interviews of overseas candidates appearing in absentia for the post of faculty in various department. About 30 candidates were interviewed from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia using Video/Audio conferencing.

Live Multicast Video Streaming of Convocation function over campus LAN: This has now become a well established regular.

Live Video Session: Live interactive video session with Dr. Sam Pitroda, Chairman, National Knowledge Commission from Chicago in a Workshop on Emerging Global Job Competencies held on Mar 25, 2007.