Institute Instrumentation Centre (IIC) houses large number of sophisticated instruments used for high magnification imaging, material characterization, precision chemical analysis, etc. The Centre is run by trained technical manpower and researchers, who are guided by experienced Faculty experts.

Before 2001, when the University of Roorkee was accorded the status of an IIT, the IIC was known as University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC). Since 2001, expansion of the Centre took place with the addition of new and ultra-modern equipments in order to enhance the efficiency and functioning to desired levels. 

The analytical facilities of IIC are also extended to the students, researchers and faculty members of other Institutes and Organizations of the country as well. Collaboration with Industries on R & D and Consultancy Projects are also welcome by the Institute.        

The main objectives of the Centre are-

  • To provide necessary analytical services on the specialized instruments assigned to IIC.
  • To conduct occasional short-term courses on repair, maintenance and utilization of instruments.
  • To collaborate with the academic staff of the various departments of the Institute in teaching instrumentation related courses as well as in design and fabrication of instruments and/or accessories suitable for research, whenever necessary