About E-Learning Centre

Educational Technology Cell was established in 2003. This cell was primarily conceived to produce high quality Video/Web/Multimedia based instructional material; syllabus based content development for the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) project. Over the period of time, its role has been expanded to absorb new paradigms of e-learning, training of faculty to develop their own e-content and to use e-contents developed by NPTEL, training of faculty from other institutes to facilitate streaming of video & web based lectures in their respective institutes, streaming of video lectures round the clock on demand, at IIT Roorkee, creation of question banks and quality control of e-content generation through feedback mechanism.
The cell has state–of-the-art digital video cameras, non–linear editing systems, audio and video systems, teaching aids, substantial number of computers, servers and softwares required to produce high quality Web based and Video based courses and 3D-animation. 
This centre is also connected to satellite through EDUSAT (a facility provided by ISRO).