S.No. Areas of Research Participating Departments
1. Urban Transportation Policy & Research Civil Engg./ Humanities & Social Sciences/ Architecture & Planning Engg./ Chemical Engg.
2. Vehicle Technology Civil Engg./ Mechanical/ Electrical Engg./ Chemical Engg.
3. Environmental Analysis of Transportation Systems Civil Engg./ Chemical Engg./ Chemistry/ Paper Technology
4. Study on Alternate Fuel Civil Engg./ Chemistry/ Chemical Engg.
5. Pavement Management System Civil/ Humanities & Social Sciences/ Mathematics
6. Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS Applications in Transportation System Civil Engg. / Earth Sciences
7. Information Technology for Efficient Operation of Transportation System Civil Engg./ Electronics & Computer Engg.
8. Optimization of Public Transport Operation Civil Engg./ Mathematics/ Mechanical and Industrial Engg.
9. Visual Communication & Design for Aesthetic & Comfort, Ergonomics Civil Engg./Architecture & Planning Engg./Mechanical and Industrial Engg./ Chemical Engg.
10. Health Hazards and Mitigative Measures Civil Engg./ Chemistry/ Chemical Engg./ Paper Technology/ Mathematics
11. Accident Modelling and Road Safety Civil Engg./ Electrical Engg./ Electronics
12. Economic Appraisal of Transportation System Civil Engg./Humanities & Social Sciences
13. Multiplier Effect of Transportation Studies System for Urban & Rural Development Humanities & Social Sciences / Management Studies / Chemical Engg.
14. Innovative Instrumentation System Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Electronics Engg./ Chemical Engg./ Paper Technology/ Management Studies
15. Management of Transport System including Project Management, Technology Management, Business Process Reengineering, Knowledge Management, Manpower Planning, Human Re-engineering, Value Engineering Management Studies
16. Traffic Management Civil Engg./ Mathematics/ Management Studies
17. Behavioral Sciences Humanities & Social Sciences/ Management Studies
18. Pavement Tyre Interaction Civil Engg./ Mechanical and Industrial Engg.
19. Transport in Different Geo-Terrains Earth Sciences / Civil Engg.
20. Surface & Subsurface Storage and Strategic Transportation Earth Sciences / Chemical Engg./ Mechanical and Industrial Engg. / Electrical Engg./ Civil Engg.
21. Underground Space Technology for Transport System Earth Sciences / Earthquake Engg./ Civil Engg.
22. Public Transportation System including Inter Modal Transportation Civil Engg./ Mechanical and Industrial Engg. / Electrical Engg./ Electronics & Computer Engg.
23. Inland Water Transport Water Resources Development and Management/ Civil Engg./ Mechanical and Industrial Engg.