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[23rd March, 2018] Dr. Subhajyoti Samaddar, Associate Professor, Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University, Japan visited the Centre and delivered a lecture on “Implementing Community Participation in Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation: on whose terms?”. [Lecture Slides]

Preamble: In the lecture, he discussed about his field experiences of Ghana, Mumbai, Japan and Bangladesh. He explained the conflicting views on risk management and the role of community in urban planning. He taught various techniques and methods of participation based disaster management. He also explained roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders. Lastly, he provided insights into the Indian case study of Mumbai floods 2005 and community participation of Ghana.

[6th April, 2018] Dr. P. K. Das, a member, National Task Force on Rural Housing & Habitat, Govt. of India visited the Centre and delivered a lecture on “Seismic and high wind safe rural housing in the North Eastern India”. [Lecture Slides]

Preamble: Multi-hazard (MH) safe construction is a great challenge in India. Interpreting and adapting traditional knowledge for resilient shelter building is the way forward in today’s context. In this lecture, he discussed about National and International rural communities, their struggle for MH-safe shelter and a specific case from North-East.