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JKML Series
Professor Jai Krishna Memorial Lecture (JKML) Series

About Professor Jai Krishna (Padma Bhushan - 1972): Jai Krishna was born on 27 January 1912 at Muzaffarnagar, in UP state. He got a B.Sc. degree from Agra college and then studied engineering at Thomason College of Civil Engineering (now IIT Roorkee) passing with honors in 1935. He received his Doctoral Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of London. Jai Krishna joined Thomason College of Civil Engineering in 1939 as Lecturer and became Professor and the Vice-Chancellor in 1969. [Brief Bio]



About this lecture series: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) initiated Endowed Lecture Series in each Department/Centre, named after an Iconic National Figure who is known for his/her contributions in a discipline related to the Department/Centre. The Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation and Management (CoEDMM), being a platform to nurture multi-disciplinary interactions aiming resilience from disaster and climate change-induced risks, is to start an endowed lecture series in the name of Professor Jai Krishna, a luminary engineer and educator. Contributions of Professor Jai Krishna to multiple disciplines of Engineering and Science is befitting with the multi-hazard risk resilience mission of the CoEDMM. The Centre responsibly engages in developing techno-managerial capacity towards comprehensive disaster risk reduction and accordingly named the Endowment Lecture Series after Professor Jai Krishna, whose dynamic, insightful and enterprising leadership helped the erstwhile University of Roorkee as well as India as a country to reach different heights both in engineering education and Profession. This is privilege and honour for the CoEDMM, IIT Roorkee to dedicate its Endowment Lecture Series to Professor Jai Krishna.

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