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[July 3-6, 2018] The Centre participated in the Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR-2018) held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Head, Centre, Prof. Mahua Mukherjee, Research Scholars Mr. Jeevan Madapala and Mr. Vickyson Naorem presented their work at the conference.

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[March 21, 2018] The Centre organized the Workshop on “Risk and Safety Assessment of Built Environment in IIT Roorkee Campus" in association with Institute Safety Committee and Estate and Works, IIT Roorkee.


Prologue: In this presentation, we have introduced the DPM plant that our institute should adopt keeping in mind the disasters that IIT Roorkee can face in future. Major highlights were on the potential risks, ways to reduce risks, a comparative study with few case studies and different types of threats and ways we can plan to reduce their impacts. Importance has also been given on people participation and conducting mock drills.


Prologue: In this presentation, we have explained different types of hazards and few of them that can happen in the institute. We have also explained the techniques to assess our vulnerability to different disasters and the importance of conducting such assessment exercises. A case study of the CoEDMM building has been taken and with detailed formulae, it has been shown how much vulnerable the building is to which hazard.


Prologue: In this presentation, Department of Architecture and Planning discusses the work done on the risk and vulnerability assessment of the Mahatma Gandhi Central Library (MGCL) of our institute. The comparison between the construction and design with the NBC 2016 standards was presented. Some points came out regarding better evacuation setting of MGCL and to reduce the risk levels there. A thorough study of the library has made us aware of the present shortcomings and ways by which it can be resolved to make it more disaster resilient.