SAE IIT Roorkee successfully designed and fabricated a Motorized Wheel Chair in the year 2011 which suits the requirements of a student. It includes various innovations in design and special features designed for the comfort of a handicapped person. Some of them are as listed below:

1. Wireless Remote Control: The wheelchair is controlled by wireless remote controller.
2. Caster Wheel Suspension: Perfectly engineered suspensions in rear caster wheels.
3. Adjustable Height with the help of a jack mounted below the seat. This feature is required for a student in classrooms and labs.
4. Foldability and portability: The motors and batteries can be detatched and the wheelchair can be folded and packed in a casing for transportation.

Special Features:
1. Multipurpose Foldable mini-table in front.
2. Adjustable Reclining backrest.
3. Rotating armrest for quick shifting of person from Wheelchair to bed.
4. Customized controller to suit the ease of operator.
5. Switch to detach Motor from wheels and convert it to simple wheelchair.

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