Sarojini Bhawan, the only Girls Hostel in IIT Roorkee, was established in the year 1966-67 by Smt. Lakshi Kanntamma Reddy.As the time passed,it was extended four times. The wing named Krishna was constructed in year 1985-86 and the second extension,which resulted in the Disang wing ,was erected in year1988-89.The Alaknanda wing was constructed in 2000-2001. The Newest wing,Sabarmati was built in 2002-2003. The name of the bhawan is dedicated to the Nightangle of India, Sarojini Naidu, who is a inspiration for all girls that sky is the limit.

Resources & Facilities

The facilities and resources provided in the Bhawan leave boys to envy girls.The Bhawan has every facility that one needs to live a comfortable life. The bhawan is equipped with two telephones,where calls are made on mike. Photostat machine, Scanner and a STD-PCO give an easy way for girls to do their work.The Canteen providing delicious dishes attract girls in the evening and late at night for tea and coffee. The Computer Center with internet facility is the biggest haunt in the hostel. The Bhawan Club has a 21 inch Television with chairs,matresses and tables.It also has a music system with cassettes.Various magazines and journals also come regularly. This is the only bhawan to have a Basketball Court ,in which various attractive prizes are distributed if requirements are met.The bhawan also provides facility to play carrom, table tennis and badminton.

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