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IEEE Student Branch, IIT Roorkee aims to make every student here in IIT Roorkee to contribute his own bit to science and tehnology. It was on June 2, 1989 IEEE Student Branch was born with the vision to give students the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow students, as well as faculty members and professionals in the field.

We at IIT Roorkee believe in building technology for people and people for technology. The branch activities offer numerous educational, technical, and professional opportunities through various events

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kyrion Digital Securities Limited was the sponsor of IFest 2010, the Online Technical Festival of IEEE Student Chapter, IIT Roorkee and the company has had no direct association either with IEEE or IIT Roorkee.
It is to clarify that the workshops on Ethical Hacking were organized by Kyrion Digital Securities Limited and not by either IEEE or IIT Roorkee



IEEE Student Chapter releases the Spring Semester edition of Geek Gazette Magazine. Click here to grab its e-copy. Click here for previous issue


IEEE Student Chapter successfully conducted Math - Genii the Maths Quiz on 12th September 2009. It saw an enormous paticipation of about 230 students. Click here for more details

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