Rajendra Bhawan, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
 Rajendra Bhawan

Rajendra Bhawan exults of being the latest boys bhawan of IIT Roorkee.Deriving its name from the ascetic President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The whole Bhawan is divided into Three wings, the new wing (all rooms single seated), “A” block (all rooms double seated) and “B” Block (all rooms double seated).The “A” Block wing was a previously a part of the Ganga Bhawan, opposite Rajendra Bhawan but after the completion of “B” block in 1989 the “A” Block and “B” Block together came to be known as Rajendra Bhawan. Since then it has been acting as a second home exclusively for all undergraduate students joining this Institute. At present total 218 double seated and 165 single seated rooms are available in the Bhawan and 32 new single seated rooms are under construction. The Bhawan is also having a small library for the use of its inmates. This hostel boast its large and beautiful lawns.

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