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The Hindu is too boring, The Times of India is a godforsaken tabloid, The Hindustan Times, the lesser said the better and let us ignore those sundry local hindi newspapers for a second. What we are left with is .... Watch Out.


In 1993, Harpreet Singh Khanduja, a second year student in the erstwhile University of Roorkee was peeved by the presence of a nasty serpent inside the Govind Bhawan lawns. Not one to sit with his hands tied and watch the menace grow in front of his eyes, he had sudden inspiration to initiate a venture that would eventually prove to become a ready platform for addressing students' woes on campus. In the company of a few other good men, Khanduja decided to bring out a news-letter highlighting the snake problem and few others that had been plaguing the insti for a long time. Needless to say, the letter was attended to with utmost seriousness and Khanduja's noble efforts were rewarded.


Ever since, there has been no looking back. From a little rag to a 20 page glossy news magazine, the pursuit has always been to hunt down the truth, demystify foggy issues and expand the horizons of what is visible in the institute. The little hamlet of Roorkee has never seemed so little ever since WONA set forth its roving reporters and scribes amidst every going-on in the campus. Some call it yellow journalism, some call us plain jerks but whatever the point be, Watch Out! makes people sit up and take notice.


And we have succeeded in bringing about change. From making the entire insti wi-fi enabled to causing a general improvement in the quality of facilities in TV Rooms, recreational clubs and canteens in hostels, to addressing quite a few prominent academic issues, and doing it all with the subtlest touch of satire and a tinge of innocent humour, WONA has served as the unofficial mouth-piece of the student community for all these years. It has been an enjoyable ride thus far; the recent 15th anniversary issue saw the faculty and alumni appraisal reach a pleasant crescendo, the applause nothing short of tremendous for this long standing WONA ascendancy. The going is as great as ever, and the future promises to be even brighter.


We are proud of our institute, which is perhaps both the best and the toughest place to spend one's college days. If there's any sign of unrest around, Watch Out! will be there, keeping pace with every twist and turn of any controversy and caper. The customary dash of wickedness and candour shall of course follow suit.








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