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 Spic Macay

Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth

"In art, as in religion, sometimes the best direction is inwards"

For all those who believe that "The Generation-X" is not concerned about preserving the heritage of India and is engaged in blindly aping the west, the students of IIT Roorkee have a fitting reply in the form of SPIC MACAY, IIT Roorkee chapter. In the hallowed precincts of IITR, where tradition and modernism are equally revered, the fans of Linkin Park and Pandit Jasraj share a peaceful relationship and easy camaraderie.

Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth (or SPIC MACAY as it is better known nationwide) IIT Roorkee Chapter, as elsewhere, is managed by a group of student enthusiasts who are engaged in a constant endeavor to create further awareness and appreciation of our culture. With the doyens of classical music and dance lending their support to the movement, the IIT Roorkee Chapter organizes a number of programs on campus as well as in the neighboring schools.

Thus it's work is educational in spirit and character and locates itself in educational institutions only.

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