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SDS is a student group that constantly tries to innovate and foster technical activities in campus. It has 5 subgroups: 1. SDSLabs 2. Mobile Development Group (MDG) 3. Programming and Algorithms Group (PAG) 4. Information Security Group (InfoSecIITR) 5. Data Science Group (DSG)

  • Parinishtha Yadav
    Parinishtha YadavMember
  • Aviral Bohra
    Aviral BohraMember
  • Amandeep Duhan
    Amandeep DuhanMember
  • Aashaka Shah
    Aashaka ShahMember
  • Akashdeep Goel
    Akashdeep GoelMember
  • Asutosh Palai
    Asutosh PalaiMember
  • Harkirat Singh
    Harkirat SinghMember
  • Punit Dhoot
    Punit DhootMember
  • Tanmay Tiwari
    Tanmay TiwariMember
  • Arpit Singla
    Arpit SinglaMember
  • Amit Manchanda
    Amit ManchandaMember
  • Anuma Rathore
    Anuma RathoreMember
  • Ashish Chaudhary
    Ashish ChaudharyMember
  • Abhinav Kaushal Keshari
    Abhinav Kaushal KeshariMember
  • Pranav Kumar Gupta
    Pranav Kumar GuptaMember
  • Ayush Agarwal
    Ayush AgarwalMember
  • Shashank Kumar
    Shashank KumarMember
  • Shikhar Shrivastav
    Shikhar ShrivastavMember
  • Shivam Gupta
    Shivam GuptaMember
  • Giridaran Manivannan
    Giridaran ManivannanMember
  • Sagar Saxena
    Sagar SaxenaMember
  • Harshil Mathur
    Harshil MathurMember
  • Abhay Bir Singh Rana
    Abhay Bir Singh RanaMember
  • Neeraj Gangwar
    Neeraj GangwarMember
  • Ashwini Khare
    Ashwini KhareMember
  • G Sethu Nachiappan
    G Sethu NachiappanMember
  • Mohit Tibrewal
    Mohit TibrewalMember
  • Chetty Arun
    Chetty ArunMember
  • Shagun Sodhani
    Shagun SodhaniMember
  • Shivam Mangla
    Shivam ManglaMember
  • Abhishek Das
    Abhishek DasMember
  • Vikalp Gupta
    Vikalp GuptaMember
  • Shashank Mehta
    Shashank MehtaMember
  • Jayant Jain
    Jayant JainMember
  • Ravi Kishore R
    Ravi Kishore RMember
  • Aarti Kumari Dwivedi
    Aarti Kumari DwivediMember
  • Abhishek Kandoi
    Abhishek Kandoi
  • Ankur Garg
    Ankur GargMember
  • Astuti Sharma
    Astuti SharmaMember
  • Priyanshu Himanshu Priti Sheth
    Priyanshu Himanshu Priti ShethMember
  • Akshay Deshraj
    Akshay DeshrajMember
  • Amanpreet Singh
    Amanpreet SinghMember
  • Deepali Jain
    Deepali JainMember
  • Divij Bindlish
    Divij BindlishMember
  • Parag Nandi
    Parag NandiMember
  • Aryan Raj
    Aryan RajMember
  • Aditya Prakash
    Aditya PrakashMember
  • Dhaval Kapil
    Dhaval KapilMember
  • Sopan Khosla
    Sopan KhoslaMember
  • Vishrut Kumar Mishra
    Vishrut Kumar MishraMember
  • Rishabh Chhabra
    Rishabh ChhabraMember
  • Agniva Si
    Agniva SiMember