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The National Cadet Corps plays a significant part in moulding a person's character. It fosters the spirit of teamwork and man-management and leads to the development of a more pleasing overall personality.

Thus NCC strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • To channelize the energy and dynamism of young men towards activities beneficial to them and to the society.

  • Constructive use of leisure time, wholesome recreation, wide cultural sympathies, abiding social consciousness and an alert mind.

Recognizing the importance of the NCC, the Institute offers the students an opportunity to be part of the NCC. The Institute cadets are part of the 3UACTR (3 Uttaranchal Composite Technical Regiment) of the NCC and are divided into three companies viz. The Engineers, The Signals and The EME.


1. General

  • Parades are regularly held to train the cadets in foot drill and command, weapon training, field craft, civil defense, map reading etc.

  • Guard of Honour is given on 26th January and 15th August to commemorate the Republic Day and Independence Day of India.

2. Camp

  • An Annual Training Camp is held to further enhance and inculcate a feeling of independence in the cadets.

  • Extensive knowledge about devices used in the Army like mines, bridges, nuclear and biological weapons etc. is imparted.

  • Self defense training is also given.

  • Rigorous physical training is provided in the camp with a view to increasing the physical endurance of the cadets.

  • Military training with rifles is also provided.

  • Cultural programmes are also held with a view to improving the cultural and social outlook of the cadets.

3. Social

Various social activities are also organized to encourage the feeling of belonging to the society.


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