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 Music Section
  Music Section

The Music Section is a group of talented and passionate musicians at IIT Roorkee. We regularly perform in shows within and outside campus.

To find and promote musical talent.

  • Deovrat Dwivedi
    Deovrat DwivediMember
  • Radhika Gemawat
    Radhika GemawatMember
  • Sonali Srijan
    Sonali SrijanMember
  • Patel Prashan Chandubhai
    Patel Prashan ChandubhaiMember
  • Siddharth Gangrade
    Siddharth GangradeMember
  • Pratyush Mathur
    Pratyush MathurMember
  • Savita Bora
    Savita BoraMember
  • Jishnu Prakash
    Jishnu PrakashMember
  • Siddhant Sharma
    Siddhant SharmaMember
  • Indroneil Kanungo
    Indroneil KanungoMember
  • Vipul Gola
    Vipul GolaMember
  • Swati Kumari
    Swati KumariMember
  • Bhayani Rutuj Jayesh
    Bhayani Rutuj JayeshMember
  • Abhinoor Dhull
    Abhinoor DhullAlumni
  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit KumarAlumni
  • Abhinav Aggarwal
    Abhinav AggarwalMember
  • Karanbir Kajal
    Karanbir KajalMember
  • Puneet Seth
    Puneet SethAlumni
  • Anamika Shreevastava
    Anamika ShreevastavaAlumni
  • Dipanshu Chaudhry
    Dipanshu ChaudhryMember
  • Kabeer Bharali
    Kabeer BharaliAlumni
  • Dennis Dey
    Dennis DeyMember
  • Sakshi Kapoor
    Sakshi KapoorMember
  • Tanya Sinha
    Tanya SinhaMember
  • Raghuveer Prasad
    Raghuveer PrasadMember
  • Ishita Singh
    Ishita SinghMember
  • Ali Yawar
    Ali YawarMember
  • Ravan Aniket Shrikant
    Ravan Aniket ShrikantMember
  • Stephy Thomas
    Stephy ThomasMember
  • Siddharth Kejriwal
    Siddharth KejriwalMember
  • Apoorva Mudgal
    Apoorva MudgalMember
  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil SharmaMember
  • Abhishek Das
    Abhishek DasMember
  • Manush Gupta
    Manush GuptaMember
  • Jayant Jain
    Jayant JainMember
  • Ratnesh Madaan
    Ratnesh MadaanMember
  • Dhruv Narayan
    Dhruv NarayanMember
  • Lekhank Patil
    Lekhank PatilMember
  • Abhilash Padmakar Kulkarni
    Abhilash Padmakar KulkarniMember
  • Prithvi Thakur
    Prithvi ThakurMember
  • Preetika Srivastava
    Preetika SrivastavaMember
  • Manas Agarwal
    Manas AgarwalMember
  • Kakul Chandra
    Kakul ChandraMember
  • Prashant Siddharth
    Prashant SiddharthMember
  • Shashwat Pulak
    Shashwat PulakMember
  • Aaditya Paliwal
    Aaditya PaliwalMember
  • Amba Dan Singh Charan
    Amba Dan Singh CharanMember
  • Chetan Rupawat
    Chetan RupawatMember
  • Sampad Biswas
    Sampad BiswasMember
  • Akhilesh Ekka
    Akhilesh EkkaMember
  • Ketan Vaidya
    Ketan VaidyaMember
  • Suyash Singh
    Suyash SinghMember
  • Abhishek Baraik
    Abhishek BaraikMember
  • Aashiq Muhamed
    Aashiq MuhamedMember
  • Meshram Shubhra Rajendra
    Meshram Shubhra RajendraMember
  • Akshay Bhagwat
    Akshay BhagwatMember
  • Aditya Ganeshan
    Aditya GaneshanSecretary
  • Yash Vardhan Chaturvedi
    Yash Vardhan ChaturvediMember
  • Ojaswita Singh
    Ojaswita SinghMember
  • Sanghita Nandy
    Sanghita NandyMember
  • Anand Sankar
    Anand SankarMember
  • Anmol Raina
    Anmol RainaMember
  • Dhaval Kapil
    Dhaval KapilMember
  • Dhaval Kapil
    Dhaval KapilMember
  • Dhaval Kapil
    Dhaval KapilMember
  • Neeraj Kushwaha
    Neeraj KushwahaMember
  • Sopan Khosla
    Sopan KhoslaMember
  • Taruj Goyal
    Taruj GoyalMember
  • Sahil Lamba
    Sahil LambaMember
  • Ujjwal Kumar Gupta
    Ujjwal Kumar GuptaMember
  • Sanjay Krishna K
    Sanjay Krishna KMember