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  Information Management Group

We are a group of students who try to make the digital stay of people at IITR as comfortable as possible.

To set up a robust and effective information base in IIT Roorkee." At IMG, we strive to lead in the invention, development and maintenance of advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software and database systems. We translate these advanced technologies into the assets of IIT Roorkee, through our professional solutions, and services..

  • Chandana R
    Chandana RCoordinator
  • Garvit Rajesh Choudhary
    Garvit Rajesh ChoudharyCoordinator
  • Jitesh Khandelwal
    Jitesh KhandelwalCoordinator
  • Shubham Jain
    Shubham JainMember
  • Nitesh Kumar
    Nitesh KumarCoordinator
  • Shaumik Daityari
    Shaumik DaityariCoordinator
  • Vangala Jagannadh
    Vangala JagannadhCoordinator
  • Kumar Animesh
    Kumar AnimeshCoordinator
  • Rohan Aggarwal
    Rohan AggarwalCoordinator
  • Punit Mittal
    Punit MittalCoordinator
  • Ritesh Kumar
    Ritesh KumarCoordinator
  • Chintapenta Subrahmanya Pramod
    Chintapenta Subrahmanya PramodCoordinator
  • G Praneeth Reddy
    G Praneeth ReddyCoordinator
  • Patel Jeet Mukeshbhai
    Patel Jeet MukeshbhaiCoordinator
  • Prasoon Shukla
    Prasoon ShuklaCoordinator
  • Bharat Gaind
    Bharat GaindProject Leader
  • Himanshu Jariyal
    Himanshu JariyalProject Leader
  • Ishu Goyal
    Ishu GoyalProject Leader
  • Pankaj Gudlani
    Pankaj GudlaniProject Leader
  • Akshesh Doshi
    Akshesh DoshiProject Leader
  • Ayush Tiwari
    Ayush TiwariProject Leader
  • Harshit Chopra
    Harshit ChopraProject Leader
  • Manohar Harsha Karigerasi
    Manohar Harsha KarigerasiProject Leader
  • Namit Ohri
    Namit OhriProject Leader
  • Amlan Baishya
    Amlan BaishyaProject Leader
  • Purvi Gupta
    Purvi GuptaProject Leader
  • Rajat Verma
    Rajat VermaHub Coordinator
  • Vineet Arora
    Vineet AroraHub Coordinator
  • Arindam Ghosh
    Arindam GhoshCoordinator
  • Vaibhav Raj Gupta
    Vaibhav Raj GuptaHub Coordinator
  • Vaishali Jain
    Vaishali JainHub Coordinator
  • Rachit Jain
    Rachit JainHub Coordinator
  • Jain Nishank Nirmalkumar
    Jain Nishank NirmalkumarCoordinator
  • Kartik Patel
    Kartik PatelHub Coordinator
  • Apurva Singhal
    Apurva SinghalHub Coordinator
  • Kanav Vats
    Kanav VatsHub Coordinator
  • Radhika Gemawat
    Radhika GemawatWebmaster
  • Anushrut Gupta
    Anushrut GuptaWebmaster
  • Nikhil Sheoran
    Nikhil SheoranWebmaster
  • Ankush Singh
    Ankush SinghWebmaster
  • Mohit Virli
    Mohit VirliWebmaster
  • Nitin Jain
    Nitin JainWebmaster
  • Vora Meet Hitesh
    Vora Meet HiteshWebmaster
  • Debashish Nayak
    Debashish NayakWebmaster
  • Karan Bedi
    Karan BediWebmaster
  • Navita