Guest Houses

IMG has provided a series of Internet and Intranet applications and services for the e-savvy Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. These Applications are widely used by the students for gaining information, academics and Leisure.

The Institute Website
IMG regularly maintains and updates information on Institute Website The process is fast and efficient. Within 24 hours of getting the information we upload it on the institute's mirror website at which is later transferred to the internet by the ISC officials. The information management group has developed a dynamic and easy surf able website named “Josh” in pursuit of making the IIT Roorkee e-enabled.

The Content Management System
IMG has provided the Content management and News management systems to each and every department, so that the each department can easily manage content of their pages in the Insitute website.

IMG has developed the NPTEL website of IIT Roorkee. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science and humanities streams. The mission of NPTEL is to enhance the quality of Engineering education in the country by providing free online courseware.

Registration Online

By Registration Online (Regol) IMG has enabled the students to register their subjects online, just as they do in Placement Online. This project is almost complete , it is based on the efficient concepts of RDBMS (Relation Data Base Management System).

Subject Registration for postgraduate students
The online subject registration restricted to the undergraduate students has been extended to the Postgraduate students as well. This would enable the entire campus to register for a semester online

Placement Online
IMG developed the online placement software for making the online submission of resumes to the companies. The highly sophisticated software even computes the cut off and submits the suitable resumes to the companies. More than the software was the service related with it.

People Search
IIT Roorkee's own search engine that searches through the database of the IIT Roorkee and the phone directory. This search engine have two categories email search and the telephone number search. The searched can be narrowed down by specifying the category of the item for search, as faculty, student, department and key word.

IMG has developed KRITI, a platform to bring the creative side of IIT Roorkee. Students can upload their original paintings, photographs, poems, essays or videos and get comments from other students of IIT Roorkee.

Notice Board
Through Electronic Notice Board one(only authorized users) can read and upload the notices for the departments and hostels. All the notices available on all notice boards of IIT Roorkee are available here.

Research Projects
Faculty as well as students who want to share their projects, papers and other research material can do so using this interface. Faculty can as well share their material on Institute website.

Student Home Pages
Students especially Final year B.Tech, M.Tech students, Research Scholars can maintain their home pages on iitr website. They are allowed to keep their resumes on the website which helps them enormously while applying for jobs and higher studies. Launched 2 weeks earlier, till now more than 700 students have made their home pages.

An exhaustive database of 3,000 e-books is available on the intranet server.The books cover a vast range of topics from technical to entertainment, philosophical to religious

The download section facility on the Intranet of the Institute is accessible to all the users of the Institute campus-wide LAN. We have put the essential trial version software and freeware for download to minimize the bandwidth required to download them from the main internet site. This facility has reduced the efforts considerably.

Alumni portal

This portal enables alumni of the IIT, Roorkee to integrate at a single platform. This social portal serve to facilitate interaction within the alumni as well as with the campus community.


Kriti is the place where you can unleash your imagination and showcase your creative self to all in the institute. If you have creativity display it here

Mess Menu

This application aims at keep you informed about the latest cooking going on within your mess.

Download software

This application is a revamp of the existing one. This application would ensure that the students and faculty always have updated software, as any new addition to the existing repository would automatically appear.


Virtual Learning Environment

This application gives the student a new way to learn. Here the students can interact and discuss problems.

Lectures and Tutorials

This allows the faculty to upload their lectures and the tutorials over the Intranet so that the students can access these anytime. Any other supplement material can also be provided over the intranet.

Yaadein (Slam CD of final year students)

Yaadein, the online version of slam book allows final students to carry memoirs of their stay in Roorkee. They share it with others too as this is available on the intranet. This application routinely appears every spring semester facilitating them to fill slam CD. The CD is finally released and distributed to each passing student by the ISC.