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 Dramatics Section
  Dramatics Section

Perhaps the oldest of the cultural sections of IIT Roorkee, Dramatics Section is a means to fulfill the passion for performing on stage, as well as in street plays. We are a team of insanely hard working people, with amazing camaraderie, who perform various plays round the year with arguably professional competency.

To showcase the magic of drama at IIT Roorkee.

  • Arpit Gupta
    Arpit GuptaMember
  • Akshay Agarwal
    Akshay AgarwalSecretary
  • Parul
  • Ria Aggarwal
    Ria AggarwalMember
  • Anmol
  • Radhika Munshi
    Radhika MunshiMember
  • Kanvi Goyal
    Kanvi GoyalMember
  • Nishchay Budhiraja
    Nishchay BudhirajaMember
  • Rahul
  • Varid Gupta
    Varid GuptaMember
  • Prakhar Varshney
    Prakhar VarshneyMember
  • Jain Pallav Anil
    Jain Pallav AnilMember
  • Raveesh Kalra
    Raveesh KalraMember
  • Vidisha Anand
    Vidisha AnandMember
  • Bagga Aarushi Harjeet
    Bagga Aarushi HarjeetMember
  • Dhruvi Jain
    Dhruvi JainMember
  • Ishwar Dutt Sharma
    Ishwar Dutt SharmaMember
  • Sarthak Kataria
    Sarthak KatariaMember
  • Shashank Kumar Anand
    Shashank Kumar AnandMember
  • Shephali Mittal
    Shephali MittalMember
  • Veena Rani Meena
    Veena Rani MeenaMember
  • Ruchita Deulkar
    Ruchita DeulkarMember
  • Vaibhav Swarnkar
    Vaibhav SwarnkarMember
  • Parth Gera
    Parth GeraMember
  • Nikita Saini
    Nikita SainiMember
  • Saksham Singhal
    Saksham SinghalMember
  • Pal Shivam Pramod Kumar
    Pal Shivam Pramod KumarMember
  • Vashi Negi
    Vashi NegiMember
  • Anurag Dhingra
    Anurag DhingraMember
  • Anushka Chandrawat
    Anushka ChandrawatMember
  • Vikas Solanki
    Vikas SolankiMember
  • Rounak Banik
    Rounak BanikMember
  • Princi Vershwal
    Princi VershwalMember
  • Thakur Vikrant Dilipsingh
    Thakur Vikrant DilipsinghMember
  • Gargi Kekre
    Gargi KekreMember
  • Utkarsh Bajpai
    Utkarsh BajpaiMember
  • Priyanka Choudhary
    Priyanka ChoudharyMember