Notices, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
  1. Notice Regarding Collection of Medical Booklets After Having Pathology Tests Done

  2. Notice Regarding Starting of Vaccination Facility

  3. Notice for Information of all Staff/Students Regarding Vaccination of Child Patients

  4. Notice Regarding availability of the Test for Serum Vitamin D-3 in the Pathology Lab in the Institute Hospital

  5. Notice regarding availability of the Services of Audiologist in the Institute Hospital

  6. Notice  for  availability of the services of the Part time Orthopedician  and  Dermatologist (Skin Specialist)

  7. Notice regarding availability of facility of Cashless treatment at AIIMS, Rishikesh for the Regular Employees of IIT Roorkee

  8. Notice regarding availability of  medicines to the retired employees of IITR and to their dependants, under  Available facility at par with the Regular employees

  9. Notice  regarding  availability of services  of  the  two  Regular Doctors in the  OPD of the Institute Hospital

  10. Notice regarding OPD arrangements of Skin Specialist Doctor of the Institute Hospital

  11. Notice regarding non-availability of the OPD services of Evening Homoeopathic Consultant, Dr. Rashmi Singh Panwar

  12. Notice regarding availability of the services of Paediatrician for morning OPD

  13. Notice regarding closing of X-Ray Unit of the Hospital due to starting of the installation process of newly purchased X-Rau Machine

  14. Notice regarding approval of Hired Taxi/Ambulance/Own Car before going for treatment outside, Roorkee

  15. Notice regarding availability of Dr. Jograg Singh, Ophthalmologist

  16. Notice  regarding  non availability of the services of Dr. Parit , Part time orthopaedic Surgeon

  17. Notice regarding shifting of the Pathology Lab at a new place in the Hospital

  18. Notice regarding a Lecture on on “Ear Care & Noise Pollution” and a Hearing Check Up Camp, on the occasion of the World Deaf Day , in the Institute Hospital

  19. Notice for winter timings of hospital

  20. Notice Regarding 'Corona Virus - Precautions & Travel Advisory to travelers visiting to China'

  21. Notice Regarding Availability of ‘Your Dost’ online Counseling services 

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