Named after the first President of the Republic of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad,Rajendra Bhawan is one of the oldest bhawans present in the campus. Moving away from home to study is an exciting time in life. There are new friends to be made, new places to discover and new chances to be explored.It is like a second home for all the first year boys who come here after years of hard work to fullfill their dreams and enjoy college life. Welearn the different aspects of life here starting from management to team work. An abode of former illustrious IITians,it promises to continue delivering the best.

Surrounded by Rajiv bhawan, Radhakrishnan Bhawan and Ganga Bhawan from three sides, Rajendra Bhawan boasts of being one of the most incredible sites with combination of green environment and homely buildings. The whole bhawan consists of three blocks namely A,B and C, mainly consist of 2 floors and a the only 3rd floor situated at new A-block (Diagonal wing) near TV room. Each block has a lawn of its own where we spend some time by either playing or roaming. The bhawan consists of both single and double rooms that are alloted to the students at the beginning of the first semester based on JEE ranks.There are separate cycle stands for each block. Presently there are 806 students in the bhawan occupying 450 rooms (260 single and 290 double) of the total of 268 single and 297 double rooms, along with 4 single and 2 double guest rooms.

The bhawan is well equipped with all sorts of sports, Gym, library, messing and internet facilities.Water coolers, aquaguards and geysers are present on each and every floor to ensure convenience. There is always something interesting to do in IIT and Rajendra Bhawan makes sure that we get the proper infrastructural amenities to make them even more interesting. This all has been possible only because of tremendous efforts of administrators, students, workers and the laborers who work round the clock to make it a place it is now.