Plants Physiology Database


PPDB is the searching and browsing tool for Plants Physiology database. Due to absence of collaborative and controlled vocabulary information on plants physiology, we came up with the idea of Plants Physiology Database. We have developed this database facility bearing in mind the growing insilico approach towards biological information. This could be considered as use case for GO (Gene Ontology) database and AmiGO, official web browser and search engine of GOC (GO Consortium) provided by Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-source Projects. The primary aim of the PPDB is to explore plants physiology only in terms of gene ontologies and their relationships giving ready access to understand the plant genomics.
    PPDB prototype acquired significant traits for plants research community providing:
  1. A controlled vocabulary related to plants,
  2. Searching and browsing for the GO terms in the Plants Physiology Database,
  3. Viewing the associated ancestors and children terms with their detailed descriptions.
Besides these, there is download section to download the latest updated database on plants physiology along with its database schema.


See PPDB in action. View the demo.

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