Admission Procedure
Present Strength
Admission Procedure
Present Strength
Admission Procedure
Present Strength
Prospective Students
 PhD Admissions
Ph.D Admissions for Professionals
Guidelines regarding Ph.D Admissions for ProfessionalNew

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Ph.D Admissions Spring Semester 2018-19

Ph.D. Registration ProcessNEW
Important Instruction and Sample Offer LetterNEW
Ph.D Admission form (duly filled) to be brought at the time of RegistrationNEW
Medical Fitness Certificate ProformaNEW

Forms to be submitted at DOSW counter at the time of RegistrationNEW
1. Anti -Ragging Affidavit (On Rs.10 Judiciary Stamp Paper) by the student- (Annexure-I)
2. Anti-Ragging Affidavit (on Rs.10 Judiciary Stamp Paper) by the Parents/Guardians- (Annexure-II)
3. Undertaking and Pledge


1. Chemical Engineering Department (CHD)      2. Institute Instrumentation Centre (IIC)   
3. Architecture and Planning (ARD)   4.  Chemistry Deptt (CYD)    5.  Earthquake Engg. Deptt (EQD)     
6. Earth Sciences Deptt (ESD).     7. Mechanical & Industrial Engg. Deptt (MED).    
8. Met. & Mat. Engg. Deptt (MTD)     9.  Centre for Nanotechnology (NTC)  10.  Paper Technology Deptt (PPD)   
11. Centre for Transportation Systems (TSC)    12. Biotechnology Department (BTD)   
13. Humanities and Social Sciences (HSD)   14. Water Resources Development and Management (WRD)   
15. Civil Engineering Department (CED)  16. Physics Department (PHD)   17.  AHEC (AHC)    
18. Management Studies Department (DBM)   19.  Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management (DMC)
20. Polymer and Process Engineering (PPE)   21.  Applied Science and Engineering (ASE) 
22. Hydrology Deptt. (HYD)   23.  Mathematics Deptt (MAT)    24.  Electrical Engineering Deptt (EED)
25. Computer Science & Engg Deptt (CSD)  26. Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECD)New

Additional List

1. Centre for Transportation Systems (TSC)




Ph.D. Admissions under PMRF