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 Frequently Asked Questions
  Let's start, oddly enough, from the beginning. How do I get to Roorkee?
Well, the nearest airhead to Roorkee is Dehradun, around 70km away, but we usually find Delhi a more convenient airport. Delhi is about 180km away .The best way, especially if you're coming from a long distance away is to get here from Delhi. You can come either by road or by rail. There are regular buses from Delhi- most buses that go to Dehradun pass through Roorkee. Buses can be obtained either from I.S.B.T. Kashmere Gate, Delhi or from I.S.B.T. Anand Vihar Ghaziabad. A taxi is also an option of course, but you should be warned that the road isn't exactly an expressway. Trains also run regularly from Delhi--A Shatabdi train to Dehradun passes through Roorkee. The journey should take around 4 hours by Shatabdi and a little more by other trains.
What about once I reach? Will there be accomodation for my parents and me?

The hostel room is made available to the students on their arrival. However accompanying parents have to make their own stay arrangements and the parents are not allowed to stay with their wards in the hostel. Very limited accommodation is available in IIT Roorkee guest houses for the parents. For the same the guest houses are to be contacted directly in advance as per following details:

Chief Warden
Khosla International House
IIT Roorkee
Telephone No. 01332-284100

Professor in Charge
N.C. Nigam Guest House
IIT Roorkee
Telephone No. 01332-286749, 286750

Heavy rush of parents is expected during the period July 21- July 26, 2010 and hence the parents are advised either to avoid this period to visit the campus or make the arrangements in advance in hotels in the city or in the nearby towns before their arrival.

Yeah, speaking of hostels, which one will I get? How is allocation done?
All first-year B.Tech and B.Arch students are given rooms in Rajendra Bhawan. (I'm talking about boys, of course, the girls are alloted rooms in Kasturba Bhawan). After a year, the boys will be transferred to one of the other six bhawans. Most rooms in the first year will be on twin sharing basis, though some of you may get a single seater. This allocation is done based on the AIR Rank in JEE.
What will be there in my hostel room? What should I bring?
You'll have a cupboard, a table, a bed and electrical fittings like a fan, already provided to you. You need to bring bedding yourself (you can buy it in Roorkee of course). As for the rest, what you bring is up to you.
How about registration? What items need to be brought and what are the procedures?
As far as registration is concerned, you need to bring whatever is specified in you offer letter. All those forms need to be filled up. Once you come here, there'll be a day of "Orientation" when you'll be introduced to the department. The next day, you'll have registration. This will involve opening an account at a bank, and your subject and hostel registration. Once this is done, you'll be issued an Identity card (keep it carefully, it is your identification on campus for at least 4 years!) Congratulations! You're now a student at IIT-R!
Waitaminute! What about the banks? Give me some details!
Okay, there are 2 major banks on campus: Punjab National Bank and State Bank of India. You have to open an account with one or the other. They both have A.T.M.s on campus. To see the locations of the A.T.M.s you should check out the institute maps and also the details of the facilties here. With your account you'll also get online banking and A.T.M. cards.
Will there be any other formalties afterwards for registration?
There will be, a little later, an online registration for which a notice will be put up. That's a simple process which you'll be guided through...
What's the campus like?
How's the campus life?
What are you, a poet? Anyway, the campus is plush green, calm and serene and is well maintained throughout the year. Campus life here is sure to have you involved in something or other... overall personality development is given a lot of importance here. Student groups are extremely active here. Everything that happens in the campus has student participation behind it. In other words, it's your campus, have fun!
What about the recreational and sports facilities?
We have excellent sports facilities here at IIT-R. Well-maintained stadiums and courts for each and every sport are available. Cricket, football, basketball, athletics- you name it. We have a Students' Club dedicated to recreation, which has table tennis Billiards,Snooker,Pool and Foosball tables, a lounge, and so on.
How about other extra-curricular activities?
Like I said, everything on campus is run by the students. You could be a part of news and literary magazines if you've a flair for writing. If you happen to know the capital of Bolivia, join the Literary Section of the Cultural Society and quiz with like-minded people(?). Or if you fancy singing, or dance, well, you guessed it, sections exist for that, too. If none of these strike you as your can of coke, don't worry, you'll always find something for you...
Will I have net connectivity in my room?
All the hostels are Wi-Fi connected, that is, wireless internet permeates your space (putting it dramatically). Apart from that you have the Institute Computer Centre and Bhawan Computer Centres. You'll also be connected by Wireless LANs, to other computers in your hostel, through WiFi.
What's the climate like? Do I need to bring some winter clothes now?
You'll see a continental, read extreme, climate. This means that it starts getting cold in about November. There is a week-long break, usually in October, that is usually long enough for you to go home. So maybe winter clothes could be brought then.
What, that's it?!? I still have questions!
Unfortunately, we're running out of time. But do mail us to have your questions answered. The mail us page will tell you our ids.
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