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160 years is a long time by human standards. But that is how long IIT Roorkee has been a centre of excellence. We are the oldest technical institution in India, and our roots lie in the Thomason College of Engineering, established 1847. The  institution  was awarded the status of the first technical university of free India. The University of Roorkee quickly  gained an international reputation as a centre of excellence and was renowned for churning out, year after year, some of the best engineers in the world. In the year 2001, the University was declared an insitute of national importance and accorded the status of an "Indian Institute of Technology". From the Thomason College of Engineering to an IIT, the institute has come full circle. And we are proud to be a part of this place, proud to share its glorious traditions and be able to add to them in our own little way, proud to be, in equal part Thomsonians and IITians.

Now spend some time getting to know the institute, start by browsing the website. You will want to look at the freshers F.A.Q. section, which has a wealth of information on everything you will want to ask about the Institute. Look at all the facilities made available to you, get glimpses into your soon-to-be-lives, and find out all you wanted to know about IIT Roorkee

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