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The Institute offers merit-cum-means scholarship to 25% of undergraduate students. Several other scholarships are announced from time to time. Bank loans are also easily available whenever required. Financial help is provided as Institute free studentship and scholarships to undergraduate students belonging to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

Students admitted to the 2-year M.Sc. degree in sciences are also awarded merit-cum-means scholarships. A number of scholarships, teaching / research assistantship schemes provide financial support to students of M.Tech. and Ph.D. programmes. Sponsored (full-time as well as part-time), self-financing foreign students and M.B.A. students are , however, not eligible for benefits of this scheme. Students are encouraged to earn while they learn.

Prizes and certificates are given to students on the basis of their performance in curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

Institute Scholarships and Trust Scholarships for Undergraduate/IMD Programme

Scholarships to Students (2007-2008)

S. No. Courses Institute Merit-Cum-Means Scholarships Trust Scholarships
1. B.Tech. / B.Arch. I Yr. 103 06
2. B.Tech. / B.Arch. II Yr. 103 04
3. B.Tech. / B.Arch. III Yr. 98 03
4. B.Tech. / B.Arch. IV Yr. 99 10
5. B.Arch. V Yr. 04
6. M.Sc. (Chemistry) I Yr. 05
7. M.Sc.(Chemistry) II Yr. 05 – 
8 M.Sc. (Physics) I Yr. 05
9. M.Sc. (Physics) II Yr. 05
10. M.Sc. Applied (Maths.) I Yr. 05 01
11. M.Sc. Applied (Maths.) IIYr. 05 01
12. M.Sc. (Industrial Maths & Informatics ) I Yr. 03 01
13. M.Sc. (Industrial Maths & Informatics ) II Yr. 03 01
14. MCA I Yr. 05
15. MCA II Yr. 05
16. MCA III Yr. 05
17. M.Sc.(App.Geology) I Yr. 05
18. M.Sc.(App.Geology) II Yr. 05
19. M.Tech (App. Geophysics) I Yr. 05
20 M. Tech. (App. Geophysics) II Yr. 05
21. M. Tech. (App. Geophysics) III year 05
22. M. Tech (App. Geology) I Yr. 05
23 M. Tech (App. Geology) II yr. 05
24 M.Tech. (App.Geology) III yr. 03
498 27