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 Institute Central Administration
  Designation Name E-mail Phone
Director Prof. Ajit K. Chaturvedi

  Dy. Director +91-1332-285221


Administration Prof. Rama Bhargava +91-1332-285090
Resources and Alumni Affairs Prof. B.R. Gurjar +91-1332-285840
Finance & Planning Prof. U.P. Singh

Faculty Affairs Prof. B.K. Mishra +91-1332-285233
Academic Affairs
Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy Prof. Manoranjan Parida +91-1332-285245
Students' Welfare Prof. Anand Joshi +91-1332-285246
Infrastructure Prof. Z. Ahmad +91-1332-285782

Associate deans

Faculty Affairs Prof. M.V.Kartikeyan +91-1332-285525
Associate Dean (Innovation and Incubation) Prof. M. Shrikhande +91-1332-285810
Associate Dean (Corporate Interaction) Prof. Pravindra Kumar +91-1332-285378
Associate DOSW (Students Activities) Prof. Mukesh Kumar Barua +91-1332-285091
Foreign Students Prof. Anand Joshi +91-1332-285092
ADOAA (Admission) Prof. P. Gopinath  
ADOAA (Curriculum) Prof. Vipul Rastogi  
ADOAA (Evaluation) Prof. Rajat Rastogi  
Associate DOSW (Bhawans & Mess) Prof. S.H. Upadhyay +91-1332-285094
Associate DOSW (Student Wellness) Prof. Alok Misra +91-1332-285097
Assoc. Dean Infrastructure (Civil) Prof. Pankaj Agrawal +91-1332-285847
Assoc. Dean Infrastructure (Electrical & A/C) Prof. M.K. Pathak  +91-1332-285196


Registrar Prashant Garg +91-1332-285311
Joint Registrar & PIO Dr. Shyam Narayan


Joint Registrar (Finance & Account) G.K. Rastogi +91-1332-285789
Deputy Registrar (Internal Audit) Dr. Suman Kumar +91-1332-285879
Dy. Registrar (General Administration) S.K. Saini +91-1332-285015
Dy. Registrar (Academics) Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma
Asstt. Registrar (Services) Pradeep Sharma


Asstt. Registrar (Recruitment) N.K. Verma
Asstt. Registrar (Meeting) C.S. Verma +91-1332-286501
Asstt. Registrar (Legal) Subhash Chand +91-1332-286510
Asstt. Registrar (Finance & Account) Pramod Kumar +91-1332-286568
Asstt. Registrar (Finance & Account)  Jain Singh +91-1332-284243
Asstt. Registrar (Services) Sheeba Ramola +91-1332-286569
Asstt. Registrar (Academics) R.K. Sharma +91-1332-286569
Asstt. Registrar (Material Management) Bibi Moriam Barbhuiya +91-1332-284824
Asstt. Registrar (Academics) Dileep Kumar Topo +91-1332-284825
Asstt. Registrar (Director Office)
& PS to Director
Mrs. Marget Cilamkoti +91-1332-285500
Asstt. Registrar (Saharanpur Campus) Rajvir Singh Khatri +91-1332-271-4362
Asstt. Registrar (GNEC) Lalit Kumar +91-1332-284822
Asstt. Registrar (SRIC) Jitendra Dimri +91-1332-28485561