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Each academic year is divided into two semesters and teaching programmes are organized around the credit system. Teaching includes lectures, tutorials, practicals, projects, seminars, dissertations and field & industrial training. The Institute lays special emphasis on the tutorial system, which is based on a close personal interaction between students and teachers. The undergraduate students have to undergo a comprehensive project during the final year of their studies. A distinct feature of the education system at IIT Roorkee is the emphasis on overall personality development and instilling in students the qualities of  leadership . Thus, extra curricular activities are an important part of student life. The Institute has provided the largest number of engineers in the task of nation building.
Academic committees and faculty committee of each Department use course - appraisal to review the course contents. At the end of each semester every student gives a feedback on the course content, its relevance and performance of the teacher. Feed back from students has helped in continually improving courses and teaching quality.