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The main aim of undergraduate education at IIT Roorkee is to enable students to face the wide-ranging changes taking place in the fields of technology, environment and management with confidence. This includes undertaking design, development, construction, production, managerial and entrepreneurial activities, and higher studies in their chosen or allied interdisciplinary fields of study.

The institute lays great emphasis on assisting students in the development of character and self confidence with management traits. To achieve these goals, the curriculum lays more stress on learning and less on teaching. Efforts are made to encourage self-learning, creative thinking, critical evaluation, spirit of inquiry and imbibing the culture of life long learning.

The institute offers undergraduate programmes leading to bachelors degree in many disciplines and also offers five-year integrated dual degree programmes as given earlier.


Structure of Undergraduate/ IDD Programmes

The four year B.Tech programme comprises of courses divided in four distinct areas namely: Institute Core, Department Core, Departmental and Institute Electives and co-curricular and extra curricular activities. The IDD programmes comprise of all the above courses of B.Tech Programme, besides having a number of courses on specialized M.Tech programme and dissertation.


Institute Core

The institute core courses are common to all B.Tech programmes and are planned to give the students a firm base. These include courses on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry engineering Sciences and Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences,Biotechnology and Management.


Departmental Core

The departmental core consists of courses considered essential for a chosen engineering discipline, including laboratory courses, practical training and a major project.


Institute Electives

The institute electives are the courses offered by different academic Departments/ Centers to the students of other disciplines. The students are free to select a number of courses from a basked of courses offered, deepening upon their interests and their course structure.

A list of the various courses offered by each department is given below