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Vinay Kumar Nangia Professor nangvfdm[at] 01332-285615
Areas of Interest
  • General Management,finance , General Management, Finance, e-Governance, Institutional Development
Honors and Awards
The Best Professor in General Management21st Dewang Mehta Business School Award2013
Life time Achievement Business Education Award Chief Minister Uttarakhand2015
Shiksha Ratan PuruskarIndia International Friendship Society2014
Skoch Excellence AwardSkoch Foundation 2014
Best Citizens of India AwardInternational Publishing House2015
Government of India Chair Professor in Knowledge EconomyDIT, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt. of India 2006-2014
Distinguished Alumni AwardBanaras Hindu University2005
Educational Details
M.B.M.ManagementBanaras Hindu University1975
B.B.M.ManagementBanaras Hindu University1971
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
‘Pro-poor IT initiatives in Uttaranchal’UNDP Uttarakhand Government2006
Integrated Sewage and Solid Waste Management for abatement of pollution for river Kua Khai’Govt. of Orissa2005
Modernization of Post Offices in Sri LankaITU2003
Pro Poor IT Initiatives in Uttaranchal Govt. of Uttarakhand2005
Pro Poor e-Governance Initiatives in UttaranchalGovt. of Uttarakhand2009
Preparation of Perspective Plan of Distt. Tehri Garhwal Govt. of Uttarakhand2005
Syllabus for leveraging the Rich Potential available in Water Resources & Hydropower of UttarakhandGovt. of Uttarakhand2005
Content and Information Collection for NGOs of UttaranchalGovt. of Uttarakhand2006
Management Awareness programmes for Executive officers and Chairpersons of Urban Local Bodies of UttGovt. of Uttarakhand2006
VOIP in India – Current Scenario and the Road MapIntel2006
  • Uttarakhand Development Cell, a nodal point for interaction between the State and the Institute, Coordinator
  • Professorial Committee of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Roorkee, Member
  • Corporate Advisory Board/Academic Council of IEC College of Engineering & Technology, Greater NOIDA, Invited Member
  • Academic Council of University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun (Uttarakhand) Main Campus, Nominated Member
  • Mody Institute of Technology & Science, Lakshmangarh, Senate, Nominated Member
  • Board of Studies for Indian Institute of Materials Management at Navi Mumbai, Member
  • Committee for “Project Taleem” and e-Learning constituted by the Government of Uttarkhand, Member
  • Panel on “Knowledge Management” MSD4/P-21 of Management & Systems, Bureau of Indian Standards, Representative
  • Expert Group Committee on “Knowledge Management” appointed by the Asian Productivity Organisatio, Member
  • High level committee appointed by Government of Uttarakhand, to look into issues of integration of A, Member
  • Study Team (Government of India) on application development in Information Technology for preparing , Member
  • Governing Boards/ Advisory Boards and Selection Committees of Management Institutes as nominated mem, Member
  • AICTE in the panel for accreditation of Business Management programmes of educational institutions., Expert Member/ Chairman
  • “Information Technology Vision Group” (ITVG) under Chairmanship of Chief Minister of Punjab, co, Member
  • Selection Committees of faculty members in the Universities/Institutes, Expert member
  • Board of Governance of the Institute of Professional Studies and Development Research (IPSDR), Kumau, Member
  • Syllabus Committee of DOEACC on Banking, Member
  • ‘The Economic Times e-Governance’ Summit in 2015, Member Advisory Council
  • Tool Room Industry’ for World Bank Funded Project under Ministry of MSME, Government of India, Member Joint-Working Group
  • ‘Fragnance and Flavour Industry’ for World Bank Funded Project under Ministry of MSME, GoI, Member Joint-Working Group
  • Delhi Management Association Publication Committee, Member
  • Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, Delhi, Expert Committee Member for launch of one year Diploma in e-Governance
  • Technology Centers System Programme (TCSP) World Bank Funded Project in Ministry of MSME, GOI, Member Programme Steering Committee (PSC)
Books Authored

Nangia, V.K., Sharma, V., Agarwal, R. and Mahajan, R. (2014) Masters Speak: Management Education In India, Bloomsbury Publisher, New Delhi pp-352.

Refereed Journal Papers

Refereed Journal Papers (Published):

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  2. Mahajan, R., Agrawal, R., Sharma, V. and Nangia, V.K. (2014). Factors affecting Quality of Management Education in India: An Interpretive Structural Modelling Approach. International Journal of Educational Management, 28(4), 379-399, Emerald.
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Refereed Journal Papers (Accepted for publication/forthcoming papers):

  1. Nangia, V.K., Reddy, K.S., Agrawal, R., and Rao, N.V. (2014), “(Case & Instructor’s Notes): Axis-Enam: The Investment Banking Marriage – Will they produce superior cash-flows?”, Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation, Sage.
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