VDAT 2017
29th June - 2nd July 2017 
VDAT 2017
VDAT 2017 Committee Members
Executive Members


Prof. Ajit K. Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee 

 General Chairs
M.Jagadesh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, JNU                              Debashis Ghosh, HoD, ECE, IIT Roorkee 

Organization Chairs
Anand Bulusu, IIT Roorkee                                                          Sanjeev Manhas, IIT Roorkee 

Program Chairs
Sudeb Dasgupta, IIT Roorkee                                                      Virendra Singh, IIT Bombay 

Tutorial Chairs

Bishnu Prasad Das, IIT Roorkee                                                  Arnab Dutta, IIT Roorkee 

Publication Chairs

Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, IIT Roorkee                                          Sudip Roy, IIT Roorkee 

Publicity Chairs 

Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, IIT Roorkee                 Hafizur Rahaman (IIEST)                          A.Panda (NIST) 

Website Chairs 

Brijesh Kumar, IIT Roorkee                                                           R.Balasubramanian, IIT Roorkee 

Fellowship Chairs 

N.P. Pathak, IIT Roorkee                                                                Meenakshi Rawat, IIT Roorkee 

Sponsorship Chairs 

Sanjeev Manhas, IIT Roorkee      Bishnu Prasad Das, IIT Roorkee       Karun Rawat, IIT Roorkee            G. Trivedi (IIT Guwahati) 

Finance Chairs 

M.V.Kartikeyan, IIT Roorkee        A.Patnaik, IIT Roorkee                          Brijesh Kumar, IIT Roorkee 

Transport Chairs 

Rajib Panigrahi, IIT Roorkee                                                         Pyari Mohan Pradhan, IIT Roorkee 


Dharmendra Singh, IIT Roorkee                   Madhav .J. Nigam, IIT Roorkee                           Vinod Pankajakshan, IIT Roorkee

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Contact Information:
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee,
Roorkee, District Haridwar,
Uttarakhand - 247667

Email: vdat2017@iitr.ac.in