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Books/Monographs (2009-2010)

 1. Nanomaterials and Devices- Processing and Applications, edited by S. Ray,S.K. Nath



1.      “An improved high energy density silicon-graphite anode material and method for preparation thereof", Inventors are Kuldeep Rana, Anjan Sil and Subrata Ray,  patent application has been filed, Feb 2010.



Paper Published in Journals (in the year 2009-2010)

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Paper Presented and Published in Conferences (2009-2010)

  1. Ghosh, P. K., Kulkarni, Shrirang and Agarwal, Banshi Prasad, “High Deposition Pulse Current GMAW Can Change Current Scenario of Thick Wall Pipe Welding”, ASME Pressure Vessels & Piping Conf., Prague, Czech Republic, July 26-30, 2009.
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