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Head Of Department


Mittal, R.C

Interests : Numerical Analysis, Computer Software, Numerical Analysis, Computer Software and Programming Languages
Phone : 9319912030,285193



Agrawal, P.N.

Interests : Real and Complex Analysis,Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Methods ., Approximation Theory, Complex Analysis.
Phone : 01332-285033(Off)

Bhargava, R.R. (Ms.)

Interests : Applied Mathematics,Mathematcal Modelling, Smart Material Fracture, Piezoecltricity, Elasticity,Frac, Elasticity,fracture Mechanics Theory,numerical Analysis, Mathematcal Modelling,Applied Maths(Solid Mechanics), Smart Material Fracture, Piezoecltricity, Elas

Deep Kusum

Interests : Numerical Optimization, Nature Inspired Optimization, Computational Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimiz, Parallel Computing, Parallel Genetic Algorithms and Parallel Particle Swarm Optinmization
Phone : 09837164078

Dr. Roshan Lal

Interests : Elasticity & Vibration, Numerical Methods, Elasticity, Vibrations and Numerical Methods
Phone : 01332285151

Dr. Shiv Prasad Yadav

Interests : Operation Research, Optimal Control Theory, Fuzzy Maths , Data Envelopement Analysis, Operation Research, Optimal Control Theory, Fuzzy Maths , Data Envelopement Analysis
Phone : +91-1332-285340(O),

Gakkhar, Sunita

Interests : Bio-mathematics,computer Applications, Bio-Mathematics, Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modelling of Environmental & Ecological Systems,Comp
Phone :

Gulati, T.R

Interests : Operations Research (Mathematical Programming), Operations Research, Mathematical Programming and Duality Theory.

Katiyar, V.K.

Interests : Bio-Mathematics,Fluid Dynamics,Industrial Mathematics, Bio-Mathematics,Fluid Dynamics,Industrial Mathematics
Phone : 0091-1332-285268

Mittal, M.L

Interests : Mathematical Analysis, Fourier Analysis, Approximation Theory, Summability Theory, Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis
Phone :

Rama Bhargava

Interests : Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element, Computer Graphics, Numerical Analysis and Bio-Mathemat, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element, Computer Graphics, Numerical Analysis and Bio-Mathemat
Phone : 285249,9319650553

Sharma, S.P

Interests : Relativity & Cosmology, Discrete Mathematics, Relativity, Cosmology, Graph Theory & Discrete Structures

Srivastava, Tanuja

Interests : Image Processing, Computerized Tomography, Reconstruction Error Analysis, Convolution Backprojection, Image Processing, Computerized Tomography, Reconstruction Error Analysis, Convolution Backprojection
Phone : 01332-285084

Sukavanam N.

Interests : Control Theory, Controllability, Dynamical systems, Stability and control of robotic systems
Phone : +911332285341

Associate Professor


A. Swaminathan

Interests : Orthogonal polynomials and special functions, Classical Orthogonal Polynomials, Birth and Death Process, Turan Inequalities, Geometric function theory, Duality Techniques and Positivity of Hypergeoemtric type functions, Partition Theory and Modular Forms, Lecture Hall Partitions and Eisenstein type continued fractions, Continued Fractions, Moment Problems, Convergence of continued fractions
Phone : 01332-285182

Aditi Gangopadhyay

Interests : Statistics, Estimation theory, Financial mathematics, Boolean functions, Probabilistic Boolean functions.
Phone : 01332-285829

Banerjee Sandip

Interests : Mathematical Modelling, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Modelling, Mathematical Biology
Phone : (01332)285697

Bera, P.

Interests : Hydrodynamic stability,, Hydrodynamics using Spectral methods / Spectral element methods / finite difference methods,, Convection in porous media, Non-conforming spectral element methods: theory and applications, Mechanisms of miscible fluid flow in porous medium
Phone : 01332-285071

Jain, Madhu

Interests : Computer Communications Networks, Performance Prediction of Wireless Systems, Networking,, Operations Research, Stochastic Processes, Queueing theory, Inventory Models, Software and hardware, Industrial Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Biomathematics
Phone : 09412811021

S. K. Gupta

Interests : Optimization, Nonlinear optimization, Duality theory, Generalized convexity, Fuzzy mathematical programming
Phone : +91-1332-285379

Assistant Professor


Ameeya Kumar Nayak

Interests : Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electroosmotic Flows in micro and nano channels, Reactor modelling: LSQ spectral method, PBM, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Two phase flow in porous media, Biofliuds, Non-newtonian fluid flow in Microchannel
Phone : +91-1332-284777

Dwijendra Narain Pandey

Interests : Differential equation, Functional Evolution Equation
Phone : 01332-28-5735

Kumar Sanjeev

Interests : Computer Vision, Computer Vision & Mathematical Imaging, Machine Learning, Machine Learning, Computational Geometry, Computational Geometry
Phone : 01332 285824


Interests : Coding Theory, Codes over Rings, Applied Algebra, Codes over rings
Phone : 01332-285543


Interests : Bio Mathematics, Differential Equations Computer Applications and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Phone :

Uaday Singh

Interests : Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Fourier Approximation, Summability
Phone : 01332285430
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