Faculty List

Head Of Department


Deepak Kashyap

Interests : Water Resources Engineering, Hydraulics, Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling, Planning of groundwater development
Phone : +91 1332 285219



Ahmad, Z.

Interests : Hydraulic Engineering- Surface water quality management, channel control, computational hydraulics,, Hydraulic Engineering- Surface water quality management, channel control, computational hydraulics,
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285423

Ahuja, Ashok Kumar

Phone : +91-9837241627

Arora, M.K.

Interests : Land Cover Mapping, Digital Image Classification, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Remote Sensing, G, Land Cover Mapping, Digital Image Classification, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Remote Sensing, G
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285417

Ashok K. Jain

Interests : Concrete and Steel, Concrete and Steel, Nonlinear Anlaysis of Structures, Nonlinear Anlaysis of Structures, Earthquake Resistant Design of Bulidings, Bridges and Viaducts., Earthquake Resistant Design of Bulidings, Bridges and Viaducts.
Phone : +91-1332-285219

Bhargava, P.

Interests : Structural Engineering, Finite Element Applications, Structural Engineering, Structural Fire Engineering
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285495

Bhargava, Renu (Ms)

Interests : Solid Waste Management, Solid Waste Management, Aerobic Waste Water Treatement, Aerobic Waste Water Treatement, Low cost rural technologies, Low cost rural technologies
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285458

Chandra, Satish

Interests : Transportation, Traffic Engineering, Pavement Materials
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285468

Dr.Vipul Prakash

Interests : Structural Analysis & Design, Suspension and Arch Bridges, Earthquake Engineering, Earthquake Resistant Design, Structural Analysis & Design, Computer Software for Structural Analysis & Design, Structural Analysis, Numerical Analyses
Phone : 01332-285538

Garg, P.K.

Interests : (Civil Engg) Satellite Image Analysis, (Civil Engg) Satellite Image Analysis, Landuse Mapping, Landuse Mapping, Land Surveying, Land Surveying, Digital Image Processing, Digital Image Processing, GPS Survey and GIS, GPS Survey and GIS, Land Surveying, (Civil Engg) Satellite Image Analysis, Landuse Mapping, Digital Image Processing, GPS Survey and GIS
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285462

Ghosh, S.K.

Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285463

Gupta, V.K

Interests : Ferrocement Structures, Concrete Technology, High Strength and High Performance Concrete,Tension Str, Ferrocement Structures, Concrete Technology, High Strength and High Performance Concrete,Tension Str
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285441

Gurjar, B. R.

Interests : AIR AND WATER POLLUTION, Emissions and Air Quality, Health Risk Assessment, Urban Climate Change, Megacities & Global Change, URBAN TRANSPORT AND THE ENVIRONMENT, Co-benefits Approach, Environmental Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Policy Evaluation, ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT AND RISK ASSESSMENT, Industrial Hazards and Disasters, Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Analysis
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285881

Jain, Kamal

Interests : Photogrammetry, Analytical And Digital Photogrammetry, Photogrammetry, Satellite Photogrammetry, Photogrammetry, Close Range Photogrammetry, Mapping, 3D Virtual City, Mapping, Topographical Survey, Engineering Survey, Rail/Road/Canal route alignment and layout, GIS, Web GIS, DSS, KBS, GPS, DGPS, Vehicle Navigation & Tracking
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285465

Jain, S.S.

Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285435

Kazmi, Absar Ahmad

Phone : 91-1332-285725

Kumar Pradeep

Interests : Phosphorus in water and waste water, biological phosphorus removal, study of water quality of lakes, Phosphorus in water and waste water, biological phosphorus removal, study of water quality of lakes
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285446

Kumar, Praveen

Interests : Rural Road Planning,, Rural Roads, Intelligent Transport System, Highway Materials, Planning
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285470

Ojha, C.S.P.

Interests : Hydraulics Engineering, Environmental Hydraulics
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285494

Parida, M.

Interests : Travel Demand modeling, Public Transport, Transport Environment Interaction Pavement management syst, Travel Demand modeling, Public Transport, Transport Environment Interaction Pavement management syst
Phone : +91 - 9837423963

Pramod Kumar Gupta

Phone : 01332-285425(O)

Prasad Hari, K.S.

Interests : Hydraulics, Ground Water Modelling, Parameter Estimation, Stochastic Hydrology
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285405

Prof. Pradipta Banerji


Samadhiya Narendra Kumar

Interests : Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Engineering & Underground Space Technology, Soil Structure Interaction, Ground Improvement Engi
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285467

Singh, Mahendra

Interests : Geotechnical, Geotechnical
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285651

Upadhyay, A.

Interests : Structural Engineering, Bridges, Laminated Composite Structures, Stability Problems, Application of G.A. and ANN
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285716

Viladkar, M.N.

Interests : Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Computational Nonlinear Mechanics, Computational Nonlinear Mechanics
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285452

Associate Professor


Anupam Chakrabarti

Interests : Finite Element Analysis, 1. Sandwich Structures 2. Composite (FRP/Steel-concrete) structures 3. Functionally Graded Material, Application of FRP in Civil Engineering, FRP Bridge deck structures, Smart Structures, Coupled Thermo-electro-mechanical analysis: Piezoelectric materials, SMA
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285844

Bhupinder Singh

Phone : +91-1332-285885

Dr. G.D. Ransinchung R.N.

Interests : Transporation Engineering (Highways), Flexible and Rigid pavements, Mineral Additive for Pavement Quality Concrete, Use of Wollastonite Micro-Fiber for Pavement Quality Concrete, Highway Construction and Maintenance, Flexible & Rigid Pavements, Construction & Demolition Wastes for Low Cost Road Construction, Recycled Concrete Aggregate, Recycling of Agricultural Waste for Road Construction, For Subgrade Layer Construction
Phone : +91-1332-285584

Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma

Interests : Groundwater contamination, Flow and Contaminant Transport through Porous media and Fractured-Porous Rock.
Phone : 01332-285684

Gairola, Ajay

Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285460

Garg, R.D.

Interests : Geomatics Engineering, Land Surveying, Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, Digital Image Processing, SAR Interferometry, GPR
Phone : +91-1332-285893

Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar

Interests : Geomatics Engineering, GPS, Remote Sensing, AI, Soft Computations
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285429

Kumar, Pramod

Interests : Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285692

Mittal, Satyendra

Interests : Geotechnical Engineering, Ground Improvement, Soil Dynamics, Geotechnical Engineering, Foundation Designs
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285837

Mohd. Ashraf Iqbal

Interests : Low, Medium and High Velocity Impact Loading: Experiments and Finite Element Simulations, Constitutive Modelling of Metals, Concrete and Composites Under High Strain Rate and High Temperature
Phone : 91-1332-285866

Priti Maheshwari

Interests : Geotechnical Engineering, Soil-Structure Interaction, Ground Engineering: Modeling and Analysis
Phone : 91-1332-285883

Rajat Rastogi

Interests : Sustainable Transportation Planning, Integration of Transportation modes, Travel behaviour modeling, Policyu Analysis, Road Safety
Phone : 911332285447

Umesh Kumar Sharma

Interests : Structural Engineering, Confined Concrete, Fire Effects on Concrete, Evaluation and Strengthening of Concrete Structures
Phone : +91 1332 285877

Vishwas A Sawant

Interests : Pile Foundation, Laterally Loaded Pile in Horizontal and Sloping ground, Pavement, Dynamic Analysis of Rigid pavement, Liquefaction, Numerical Modelling of Liquefaction
Phone : +91-1332-285892

Assistant Professor


Chitranshi, U.B.

Interests : Environmental Engineering, Air Pollution, EIA, Industrial Waste Treatment
Phone : +91 - 1332 - 285459

Indrajit Ghosh

Interests : Incident Management, Incidents on Expressways, Traffic Management Centre, Traffic Operations, Signalised & Unsignalised Intersections, Highways, 2-Lane Road, Driver Behaviour, Dilemma Zone, Countdown Timers, Traffic Safety, Pedestrians, Motorists, Statistical and Econometric Models, Duration Model, Logit Model, Public Tranportation, BRTS, Metro, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Detector, Sensor, Advanced Traveller Information Systems, Variable Message Signs
Phone : +91-1332-285533

Jagdish Prasad Sahoo

Interests : Foundation Engineering, Bearing capacity of footings, Ultimate resistance of anchors, Stability of slopes, Under ground openings, Earth retaining structures, Reinforced earth structures
Phone : +91-1332-285588

Munish K. Chandel

Phone : +91-1332-285691

Raja Chowdhury

Interests : Life cycle analysis, Bioenergy, Algal bioenergy, Growth Kinetics, biofilm, valuable products, Ecological Modeling, Ecological consequences from bioenergy, Nanotechnology, nanomaterials for energy harvesting
Phone : 911332284793

Rajib Chowdhury

Interests : Structural Engineering, Uncertainty Quantification, Risk Analysis, Structural Reliability, Fuzzy Uncertainty, Multiscale Modelling, Continuum Mechanics, Computational Material Science, Nanotechnology
Phone : +91-1332-285612



Sonalisa Ray

Interests : Structural Engineering, Fracture and Faigue analysis in Concrete Structures, Fracture Mechanics, Size effect in Concrete, Multi-scale modeling of concrete fracture and fatigue: Nano to Macro, Residual life assesment of concrete structures, Structural health monitoring, Biomechanics
Phone : +91-1332-28-5673

Sudipta Sarkar

Interests : Environmental Engineering - Water and Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Separation of Trace and Bulk Contaminants, Environmental Nanotechnology, Treatment and
Phone : +911332284756 (Work)

Scientific Officer


G.R. Singh